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Santa Eulalia

Photos, description services of all beaches and coves in the area of ​​Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

El Naranjo


The culinary proposal of El Naranjo, Santa Eulalia, is of the most varied. A unique place in Ibiza where to discover that the quality is not at odds with the price

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Wild Beets Ibiza


Wild Beets Ibiza, in Santa Gertrudis, will surprise you by putting on your table the most innovative and succulent healthy dishes you have ever tasted.

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O Galego


The restaurant O Galego imports the best products from Galicia to serve them with great care in their tables of the Paseo Marítimo de Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

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JB Frenchies


The JB Frenchies restaurant, in Santa Eulalia, offers a careful sample of the most typical dishes of French cuisine. A cute Parisian bistro in Ibiza

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Cala Boix


Restaurant Cala Boix. More than 40 years offering the most traditional recipes of Ibizan cuisine a few meters from the beach and very close to Santa Eulalia

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Donde Marian y Miguel


Where Marian and Miguel, in Santa Eulalia, has become an essential when it comes to eating the best meat of Ibiza. Authentic cuisine and live music.

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Es Caliu


Es Caliu, in Santa Eulalia, reinvents the local cuisine with the best products. Years of tradition in Ibiza in an idyllic setting in which to lengthen your nights

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Buenavista Lounge & Restaurant, in Santa Eulalia, is the perfect place for a special evening full of intense flavors and a unique atmosphere in Ibiza

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Cala Martina


In Cala Martina restaurant, located in this quiet beach of Santa Eulalia, they make tasty rice and fish in the traditional style of Ibiza

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Restaurante Bahía


In Bahía restaurant, in Santa Eulalia, they are specialists in rice and fresh fish. Its terrace overlooking the sea is perfect for events of all kinds

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Restaurante Niu Blau


Niu Blau restaurant in Santa Eulalia offers traditional recipes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in front of one of the quieter beaches of Ibiza

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Restaurante Aubergine Ibiza


Aubergine Ibiza, in Santa Gertrudis, is a beautiful country restaurant with shop, events and children's area that will change your concept of healthy food

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Atzaró Beach Es Restaurant

Atzaró Beach Es Restaurant, in Cala Nova, prepares exquisite fresh fish and rice from Ibiza facing the sea. Cocktail bar, children's area, massage service and live music in a beautiful space with a seafaring air

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At Bananas, in Santa Eulalia, you can eat or dine well at great prices. Daily menu and a great selection of gin tonics for a good dessert

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The Rooftop de ME Ibiza


The Rooftop of ME Ibiza blends in a way of the most original innovation and exclusivity. Mediterranean food on the beautiful bay of Santa Eulalia.

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Cala Bonita


Cala Bonita, in s'Estanyol, stands out for its rice and fresh fish, its cocktails and the good atmosphere that is breathed on this quiet Ibiza beach

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Aiyanna Ibiza

Aiyanna-restaurant-ibiza --- logo-guide-welcometoibiza-2017

Aiyanna Ibiza, in Cala Nova, transports you to authentic Ibiza thanks to its healthy cuisine, live performances and a relaxed and tolerant atmosphere

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Amante Ibiza


Amante Ibiza, in Santa Eulalia, is one of the most romantic restaurants on the island. Excellent Mediterranean food with the sea and Formentera in the background

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Casa Piedra


Casa Piedra Ibiza is a restaurant in Cala Llonga in which the author's cuisine melds to perfection with a beautiful natural environment and a ten

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Chiringuito César


In Chiringuito César, in the beach of s'Argamassa, you can eat, drink or rent material to practice all kinds of water sports in Ibiza

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Sa Finca


Restaurant Sa Finca, the best French food in Ibiza in an old and beautiful farm with views of the green mountains of Santa Eulalia

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Enjoy the Nagai restaurant, in San Juan, of the Japanese cuisine and the most creative fusion surrounded by a unique and special natural environment in Ibiza

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From the terrace of the restaurant Atenea, on the promenade of Santa Eulalia, you can enjoy Mediterranean dishes and varied cocktails at great prices

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Es Jardins de Fruitera


Es Jardins de Fruitera, in Santa Gertrudis, is the perfect place to hold your events in Ibiza. Different and beautiful stays in full nature ibicenca

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Restaurante Sal Marina


In the restaurant Sal Marina de Santa Eulalia are specialists in rice and fresh fish from Ibiza. Family deal and affordable prices with sea view

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Restaurant Salvadó in Pou des Lleó, in the municipality of San Carlos, traditional recipes and good food with unbeatable views of Ibiza

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Can Nico


Take a seat on Can Nico's terrace in Cala Llonga, and get ready to taste the best recipes of Italian cuisine and the most refreshing cocktails in Ibiza

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Ice Wave Ibiza


Arrive Ibiza Ice Wave, the ice cream revolution as you knew it. Crepes, ice cream, smoothies and granizadas based on fresh and natural ingredients

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Logo Chirincana restaurant Santa Eulalia Ibiza

The Chirincana restaurant recovers daily the spirit of the free and tolerant Ibiza of yesteryear. Beach, sun, parties and good food in a unique environment

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Ca's Pagès


The Restaurant Ca's Pagès, in San Carlos, has more than 40 years offering the best dishes of the gastronomy of Ibiza

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Sa Carboneria

Logo Sa Carboneria restaurant Santa Eulalia Ibiza

In Sa Carboneria, Santa Eulalia, the most select pieces of meat await you in the world. A restaurant with its own soul in Ibiza in which every detail counts

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Punta Carretas

Logo Punta Carretas restaurant San Juan

The Punta Carretas restaurant in Santa Eulalia has become a refuge for lovers of good food, fun and the best live music in Ibiza

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Logo bollywood indian restaurant santa eulalia ibiza

The Bollywood restaurant, in Santa Eulalia, fills your table with exoticism and the aromas of well-made Indian food, increasingly valued in Ibiza

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Il carrettino siciliano

Logo Il Carrettino Siciliano restaurant santa eulalia ibiza

Il Carrettino Siciliano has been entertaining its guests for over three decades with the best homemade recipes of Italian gastronomy in Ibiza

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L'Altre Balagar


Savor the delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine with great sea views in the restaurant l'Altre Balagar de Cala Llonga, a special place in Ibiza

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Logo Estel Santa Eulalia Restaurant

Estel is the last bet of Can Curreu. A spectacular restaurant to pay homage to the best of Mediterranean cuisine without leaving Ibiza

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Bar Anita. Ca n'Anneta

Logo Bar Anita Ca nAnneta restaurant san carlos ibiza

The Bar Anita restaurant in San Carlos is a must see in Ibiza. Taste the best of the island and the authentic Ibizan herbs in a place with its own history

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Restaurante SOS

Logo SOS restaurant cala llonga santa eulalia ibiza

Taste a good paella in front of the sea in the Restaurant SOS, in Cala Llonga. 30 years earning the loyalty of its customers in Ibiza

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Carpe Diem


The restaurant Carpe Diem de Jesús is known for preparing some of the best pizzas in Ibiza. Menu of the day and service at home at incredible prices

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Restaurante Can Pep Salvadó


Can Pep Salvadó is one of those family restaurants that has passed from one generation to another respecting the values ​​of authentic gastronomy of Ibiza

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Cap a casa


Discover Cap home in Santa Eulalia, and let them cook for you. Custom made dishes for events, homemade recipes, healthy and at incredible prices in Ibiza

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Tomate Rojo


Enjoy thanks to Red Tomato from the best Italian recipes without leaving Ibiza. Pizzas, lasagne, piadinas ... Take them there or ask to be brought home!

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Can Cosmi


Can Cosmi is one of those restaurants where you can eat well at a good price. Enjoy its rich menus on its beautiful terrace in the center of Santa Eulalia

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Es Pins Cala Pada


Es Pins Cala Pada, in Santa Eulalia, is a restaurant with 41 years of tradition in which Ibizan food and live music are the protagonists

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Asia House


At Asia House, in Santa Eulalia, they prepare exquisite Thai food to take away. Healthy and economical dishes that you can enjoy wherever you prefer

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Can Xarc

Restaurant-Can-Xarc-Santa-Eulalia --- logo-guide-welcometoibiza-2016

Can Xarc, in Santa Eulalia, is an old farm facing the sea where you can taste exquisite meats and grilled fish at unbeatable prices

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La Repanotxa

Restaurante-La-Repanotxa-Santa-Eulalia --- logo-guide-welcometoibiza-2016

The restaurant La Repanotxa, in the center of Santa Eulalia, will conquer you from the first visit. Homemade, healthy food and an exceptional atmosphere in Ibiza

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Es Celler de Can Pere

Tradition and quality are joined in Es Celler de Can Pere, in Santa Eulalia. Try their paellas, stews or roasts is an experience you should not miss

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Bambuddha Ibiza


Gardens full of bamboo and an environment of absolute relaxation will accompany you during one of the most special meals you will live in Bambuddha Ibiza.

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El Deseo


El Deseo, in Jesus, has entered the public in the pocket thanks to its exquisite Mexican food, its magnificent cocktails and the best promotions of Ibiza

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In the beautiful village of San Carlos you will find s'Argentera, a restaurant of the lifetime with homemade menus, barbecue and an exceptional atmosphere in Ibiza

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Brisa de la Mar


Brisa de la Mar, in Cala Pada, will become your restaurant of reference if you are looking for tranquility, great views and the best typical food of Ibiza

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Mar Bella


At Mar Bella, in es Canar, you will enjoy genuine Mediterranean cuisine and fabulous views. In addition, you can stay in their practical apartments

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Floyd, in Jesus, is the perfect union between desire, effort and affection. Exquisite international cuisine in Ibiza in a vibrant and pleasant atmosphere

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Can nuts


Can Nuts, in Cala Llonga, is one of those places of healthy cuisine of Ibiza in which the food and the live music infect you of good energy instantly

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La Casita


La Casita, in Cala Llonga, is one of those restaurants that have a special charm. Authentic cuisine in an intimate setting in the countryside of Ibiza

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Blue Lotus


If you like Japanese food Blue Lotus in San Carlos, it will become one of your favorite restaurants. Sushi, rolls, sake and a fantastic atmosphere

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Chiringuito Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya Chiringuito is one of those of a lifetime, so much appreciated in Ibiza. You will find it in full sand, surrounded by the beauty of the sea and nature

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Blue sea

The Mar Azul Restaurant in Cala Llenya, Santa Eulalia, serves the best Mediterranean cuisine in a quiet and pleasant area surrounded by pine groves

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La Vela


La Vela, in Cala Llonga, is one of those few 100% Italian restaurants in Ibiza, in which they highlight their homemade pasta and pizzas baked in firewood

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The restaurant Musset, in Santa Gertrudis, is the temple of healthy food in Ibiza. Events, cocktails and children's area in a space of the most original

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Asian Road


Asian Road in Santa Eulalia invites you to enjoy the magnificent fusion of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine in a cozy atmosphere in Ibiza.

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Delfino Verde


The authentic Italian tradition awaits you in Delfino Verde of Santa Eularia, Ibiza, with splendid views of the marina of the municipality

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Mel de Magraneta by Ciel Azul


Mel de Magraneta by Ciel Azul, in Santa Eulalia, invites you to know the fundamentals of Flexiterian food in a unique environment in Ibiza and full of original proposals

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Es Alocs


The hostel Es Alocs, in Es Figueral, is ideal to leave behind the routine and to know the most natural Ibiza of the hand of the family of professionals that manages it

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Restaurante Peralta


Do not miss the varied menus of the restaurant Peralta, in San Carlos. Enjoy eating overlooking one of the most beautiful churches in Ibiza

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Blue Fish


The Blue Fish restaurant of Santa Eulalia brings you an amazing sample of flavors from different parts of the world without leaving the island of Ibiza

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Ecocentro Ibiza


Discover with Ecocentro Ibiza a small paradise in the center of Santa Gertrudis where you can eat healthy and enjoy daily events and interesting workshops

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Le Momento


Le Momento, in Santa Gertrudis, gives you the opportunity to know the authentic French gastronomy on its beautiful terrace without leaving Ibiza

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El Nido


At El Nido restaurant in Santa Eulalia, live music will accompany you while you try one of the best and most economical menus in Ibiza.

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Can Caus


In Can Caus you will taste 100% Ibiza products surrounded by a cozy atmosphere. Try their grilled meats and sausages from their own production.

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Restaurante Ascua


Ascua Restaurant in Jesus, very close to Ibiza, is an ideal place to enjoy a meal or a market dinner with always different dishes

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Marc's Restaurant Ibiza


Marc's Ibiza Restaurant, near Jesus, is exclusive, romantic and in addition to dining or deluxe dining, you can have a quiet and discreet drink.

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Ama Lur


The Ama Lur Restaurant, located on the San Miguel road, one of the best restaurants on the island of Ibiza

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Café Sidney


Café Sidney Ibiza lovingly prepares all kinds of Mediterranean homemade food with a magnificent view of the marina of Santa Eulalia.

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Anema e Core


Pizzeria Anema e Core restaurant in the Port of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, typical Italian cuisine and Neapolitan style pizzas

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Kathmandu restaurant, authentic Nepalese and Indian food in the center of the city of Santa Eulalia

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Restaurant Canasuni, a place that for years gives to eat to tourists and locals in Santa Eulalia home cooked food and quality at very good prices

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Camí del Rei

Restaurant Camí del Rei, rich food and very cheap prices on the road to Es Canar, Ibiza

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Pizzería del Puerto

The Pizzeria del Puerto, in the marina of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, delicious pastas and pizzas in the Italian style

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The Sunseabar Restaurant, in the Port of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, a meeting place where you will feel at home

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Miro's Tre Amici

Miro's Tre Amici, the Italian restaurant with high-quality dishes and quality raw materials is transferred to Can Furnet, in the town of Jesus, Ibiza.

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Mezzanotte restaurant, on the promenade of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, an authentic Italian with top quality dishes

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eF & Gi

restaurant-eF & Gi-ibiza-welcometoibiza

The eF & Gi restaurant moves from Sitges to Barcelona in the pretty village of Jesus with its exquisite Mediterranean fusion cuisine with Asian touches.

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La Vinería


The restaurant La Vineria, in Jesus, Ibiza, specialist in homemade pasta and pizzas in the Neapolitan style

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Located in the center of the beach of Es Canar offers a friendly, familiar and good service

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