Sarahmonia: Tribute of love and light to Sarah Marie Lewis


The relatives and friends of Sarah Marie Lewis organize «Sarahmonia», a tribute to fill her memory of light and love on Monday 4 of November 2019

The relatives, friends and loved ones of Sarah Marie Lewis, young woman found recently deceased after having been missing for several daysorganize «Sarahmonia».

It is a tribute to fill her memory with light and love, to celebrate life and remember this beloved woman on the island.

The appointment is November 4 Monday of 2019 of 11 to 14 hours in the Time and Space sculpture (the monoliths that are located near Cala Codolar).

There will live music and a gong meditation, so the organizers invite you to bring your yoga mat or blanket, a candle and flowers or whatever you feel to honor Sarah.

La meditation will begin at 11: 11 hours, so you are asked to arrive early enough.

There will be an area of parking Designated just before arriving at Can Soleil.

Come to honor Sarah and participate in this show of love.

Event Information

Sarahmonia: Love and light for Sarah Marie Lewis

Location: Time & Space Sculpture

Date: Monday 4 November 2019

Schedule: 11 hours

Address: Codolar Cove, San José, Ibiza

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