SOS Refugees Ibiza organizes a new collection of humanitarian material

SOS Refugees Ibiza once again organizes a collection of humanitarian material to send to Greece that ends on Wednesday 30 of October 2019

The NGO SOS Refugees Ibiza returns to organize a collection and shipment of humanitarian material aimed at helping refugees who remain in various camps in Greece.

Give a hand to the people who need it most in these hard and cold months, collaborating with essential products for your health and hygiene. Basically, what is requested is:

-Footwear (all sizes)
-Man and children's clothing
-Womenswear (coat only)
-Diapers for babies of all sizes
-S formula milk for babies
-Wipes for babies
-Female compresses
-Antibiotics For children and adults
-Analgesics For children and adults
-Cremes (scabies and antibiotics)
-Vaseline and bandages
-Nonperishable food: chickpeas, beans, oil, tuna, sardines, fried tomatoes, olives, cheese, cookies, sweets, nuts, milk, sugar, honey, coffee, etc.

You can approach to deliver any of these products to the countless collection points that have been enabled throughout the island. And it is that Ibiza and Formentera are two solidarity islands that have been able to collect an enormous amount of material in their successive collections, with which to make a little less hard the already already terrible life of the refugees. You can check the delivery points on the flyer, on the web or call the coordinator of it, Mateo al + 34 648 517 780.

Collection ends next 30 October 2019 Wednesday.

Give a hand to these people who have fled a war losing their homes and who upon arriving in Europe have only found rejection, hunger, cold, pain and more misery.


Event Information

Collection of SOS Refugee humanitarian material

Date: From Saturday 12 October 2019 to Wednesday 30 October 2019

Address: Lots of collection points in all municipalities of the island

Phone: +34 648 517 780

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