Talk of Mindfulness with Antònia Torres in San José


The Municipal Library of San José hosts a talk on Mindfulness by Antònia Torres on Friday 25 of January 2019

La Municipal Library of San José offers you to know more about the Mindfulness, a philosophy of life that consists of being intentionally aware of everything we do, without judging, clinging or rejecting the experiences we live in each moment.

A way of thinking that can substantially improve our way of life and in which you can deepen thanks to the Talk about Mindfulness that gives the degree in pedagogy, university expert in coaching and certified trainer in Mindfulness Antònia Torres.

The talk is the January 25 Friday of 2019 to 18 hours.

The entrance is free and the talk is especially recommended for 18 over years.

Event Information

Talk about Mindfulness

Location: Municipal Library of San José

Date: Friday 25 January 2019

Schedule: 18 hours

Address: C / De Pere Escanellas 12, 07830, San Jose, Ibiza

Phone: +34 971 80 04 16

Entry price: Free admission

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