Armel and Gisele, owners of Pastis, tell us how they have managed to have one of the best restaurants in Ibiza

«Ibiza is like Pastis, a small place where space is limited»

We remember the interview of Armel and Gisele, owners of the Pastis Pastis restaurant in Ibiza:

Pastis is one of those Ibiza restaurants with a special charm that conquers all those who go through its doors. Founded the 20 October of 2006, it has managed to become one of the favorites of both residents and tourists that seek above all the quality and an unforgettable evening all year round in Ibiza.

Armel and Gisele They embarked on this adventure after throwing the closure of Bliss, another place they ran in the Plaza del Parque, where Pastis is also located. Gisele, Brazilian by birth, settled in Ibiza in the year 2000, after going through countless countries exercising as a dancer of classical and modern dance. Armel, on the other hand, traveled to the island in 1995 and, when he "found Gisele" decided to stay and live here. Since then they began to work together and, apparently, one thing led to the other. To date, they have been married for no less than 17 for years and have formed their own family, with ties that link the labor and the personal.

The skill with which Armel moves in the kitchen has acquired it in a self-taught way. It is true that his mother had a restaurant in Paris, but he decided to throw himself into the kitchen because he did not find any chef to entrust to 100% his business. Currently, he is one of the best valued chefs in Ibiza and enjoys the creativity and passion that this world infuses.

Today they tell us how their trip to Ibiza has been and is, what things would improve, what has made them fall in love with a place like this and, above all, some of the best kept secrets of Pastis Ibiza.

-How did the idea of ​​opening Pastis Ibiza come up?

We already had a restaurant before Pastis, called Bliss, but the contract ended and we decided to open Pastis. It was a horrible place but we began to work on it with much desire and the help of the family and we managed to turn it into what it is today, a cozy and original space.

"Is there any plate in the letter that you keep from the beginning?"

Yes, onion soup or snails, for example, are a classic. We work traditional French cuisine with an innovative and creative touch and those recipes can not miss. We only use premium products.

"What makes your dishes so exquisite?"

Armel: There is not much secret, it's a matter of concept, of working with quality ingredients. I like to buy a good raw material, touch it as little as possible and enjoy it as well.

-How do you manage to reconcile family life and work?

Armel: When children were small it was easy. When they grow up it gets a bit complicated (laughs)

Gisele: It's a matter of love, affection and dedication. The ups and downs are always there and working as a couple is not easy, but it works because, despite the differences between the two, there is love and a solid foundation.

-What are your favorite Ibiza restaurants?

We usually go to eat at the Chiringuito de Sa Punta, s'Espartar, Can Pilot...

Armel: I like to go to the ones that open all year because I consider it very difficult to put together a good kitchen in four months.

- What do you like to do in your free time?

Take the boat and go to Formentera. You can not compete against that.

-What changes have you noticed in Ibiza that you met 17 years ago and now?

Many, especially in terms of people and workers. The problem of rent is taking its toll on Ibiza. There are many professionals who could come to work here but refuse for the prices. It is shameful that we go out on the news because people have to sleep on the terraces. We hope that the growth that is taking place on the island does not end with its essence and with what we are. Ibiza is like Pastis, a small place where space is limited. It has always been a jewel and must remain so.

-What has benefited or harmed the reform of the Plaza del Parque and Vara de Rey?

The season did not start as it should because we were a long time of work, so it's a complicated issue. However, we believe we have to give it time. If it is good or bad time will tell, but at least they have dared with a project that had been in a drawer years. The restructuring plan is at 40%. We were told that by the end of the season they would sit down to discuss possible improvements and we hope it will be so.

-Which is your worst enemy?

The reservations of the people who decide not to come and do not cancel. Pastis is a very small restaurant. If we had 400 tables we would not be influenced but to us, that we have capacity for 33 diners, that for example, a reservation of 10 people fail us very much.

-The people who come to Pastis repeat. What would you say to those who do not know him yet to encourage them to do so?

Pastis is committed to product quality, professionalism and personalized attention. We will always make you feel at home and that is something that people appreciate.

Thank you Armel and Gisele for creating the Pastis. A luxury dine at the foot of the imposing walls of Ibiza in this cozy space, intimate and charismatic that awakens inexplicable sensations in its guests, only the one who tries it can understand it. Thank you for the wonderful way of treating Gisele's clients, their way of explaining the letter, their delicate attention and their sympathy. Thanks to the magical hands of Armel and his ease to transform the food into an unforgettable memory.

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