Free class of Philosophy for restless minds with Amics d'Eivissa

Amics d'Eivissa organizes a Philosophy Course for restless minds, on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 on November 2019 invite you to meet it with a free class

Amics d'Eivissa offers you an exciting journey through the most significant knowledge of the Eastern and Western civilizations, Titulado «Philosophy for restless minds». A course that already have several editions held. An ideal training for any curious person who wants to stop for a moment in reflect on the major issues that has been raised by the human being throughout history, and that undoubtedly will be a source of inspiration for whoever follows it

If you want to see a little more in depth of what it is, do not miss the presentation that will make the Thursday 14 and Friday 15 February 2019 at 20: 15 hours. Addition presentation, it will be completely free first class, so you can see for yourself how interesting it can be.

The course itself has a total duration of 40 hours and it takes place one day a week for two hours. The registration slope 15 euros and the Monthly fee for the course is of 25 euros.

If you want more information you can contact on the phone 670 88 88 53 (from 19.30 to 22 hours).

Don't think about it and activate your mind!


To enhance ethics and values
1 Natural philosophy
- The seven principles of nature
- How to recognize and develop human values?
2 The human being and the cosmos
- Consequences of our behavior
- Dharma-Karma. Reincarnation Theory
3 The wisdom of India (2 classes)
- Symbolism of Bhagavad Gîtâ
- Internal conflict approach
4 The mysteries of Tibet
- Old Tibetan texts: The Voice of Silence
- The value of introspection and reflection
5 Buddhist Philosophy
- Pain as a vehicle of consciousness
- Crises: understanding and overcoming
6 The wisdom of China
- Confucius and his teachings
- Ethics in the framework of the collective

To improve human relationships
7 The challenge of living in society
- The human factor
- The problems of the world and the current human being
8 Plato
- The myth of the cave: interpretation keys
9 Aristotle
- The pursuit of happiness
10 Plotinus and the Neoplatonic School
- The eclectic school of Alexandria
11 Importance of education
- The citizen and his role
- Know how to think, know how to choose
12 Egypt
- Maat's rule
- Justice as a collective impulse
13 Stoicism: Epícteto, Seneca and Marco Aurelio
- Rome and the citizens of the world

To build the future
14 Philosophy of history
- Experience as an engine for the future
15 Importance of the transmission
- History: sources, fundamentals and complementary sciences
16 History and mythology
- Psychological reality of myths
- Symbol properties
17 The cycles of history
- The humanity movement
- The wheel of history
18 Freedom and destiny
- Historical theory of Cicero
- Fixed archetypes and the evolution of humanity
- Become protagonists of the story
- Keys to open the doors of the future

Event Information

Presentation Philosophy Course for restless minds

Date: From Thursday 14 November 2019 to Friday 15 November 2019

Schedule: 20: 15 hours

Address: C / Dr. Fleming, 13, bajos - Ibiza (corner of Vicente Serra and Orvay)

Phone: +34 670 88 88 53

Entry price: Free

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