The expected Sant Bartomeu Festivities in San Antonio, Ibiza


The Fiestas de Sant Bartomeu fill the town of San Antonio, Ibiza with interesting and varied activities, here the 2019 Festival Program!

The Festivals of Sant Bartomeu, in the village of Saint Antonio, are among the most anticipated of the year. The reason, a very complete and varied program of activities that includes all kinds of cultural, sporting, recreational and musical events.

The parties continue from the Friday 9 of August, when the Party Tennis Tournament starts, but also the weekend of 21 and 22 September 2019, with a new edition of the Stock Fair.

El Big Day, Sant Bartomeu Day, is the Saturday 24 August 2019. During the day there will be a great mascletá, popular chocolate, a children's party with Lollipop, beach activities, traditional activities such as mass, procession, dance, peas and fritters, a new edition of the Sunset Swing Festival in the afternoon, fireworks castle and great party of La Movida throughout the night. A real day plan!

Sunday 25 is also a complete day with the end of the Sunset Swing Festival, a new party this time with Cachirulo, dance show, outdoor cinema and several sports competitions, including the first Crazy Regatta, with homemade boats and costumes.

Many of the activities are organized on the beach of s'Arenal, such as the XV Festival of Carthaginians and Romans in which both sides face each other in a picturesque battle on the beach with a clean shot, and which is expanding this year.

Like other years, the Holi Color Festival and they organize a lot of sporting events, shows and children's activities. Among the novelties we find plans such as Ham and Flamenco Festival or the tortilla contest S'Ou Festival.

And as for the concerts, usually one of the highlights of the parties, this year the organizers have opted for local artists such as Joven Dolores, Flor d'Higuera, Morning Drivers and Bluesmafia i es Saligardos.

In addition, the parties will try to be without plastics this year, for which biodegradable dishes, glasses and cutlery will be used, as well as reusable cups.

Here we leave you the complete program so you do not miss anything.

Per molts anys, Sant Antoni !!!

Complete program Festivities of Sant Bartomeu de San Antonio 2019 (first you have it in Catalan and then in Spanish)

Event Information

Festivals of Sant Bartomeu

Location: San Antonio, Ibiza

Date: From Friday 9 August 2019 to Sunday 22 September 2019

Schedule: Consult program

Entry price: Free

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