Do you want the best for your children? Meet King's College Madrid in Ibiza


King's College Madrid, which prepares its students to access the most prestigious universities, offers information about the center in Ibiza

You probably already know King's College Madrid, an educational center that offers better in British education and prepare your students so they can access the most prominent universities At national and international level.

El 40% of its students consigue access any of the 200 universities in the world, centers of enormous prestige as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Yale, Harvard or Stanford. And is that academic results are essential to get a place in these centers.

At King's College Madrid the pass rates are truly exceptional. As a sample, last year the 40% of students scored outstanding grades and / or honors.

If you live in Ibiza, you have the opportunity to learn about how to enroll your children in a high-level academic center in a presentation event that King's College Madrid celebrated on the island.

What does King's College offer you?

The King's College colleges offer students a high quality British education based on the National curriculum of England characterized by its interdisciplinary approach and its emphasis on practical learning, creativity and active participation of students.

The students take the "A Level" Program, of two years, which allows them access to the best universities from Spain, Europe and North America.

An effective and innovative teaching system that follows the latest trends in British education and meets the highest educational standards. The objective is to promote individual talent and emphasize the importance of a Integral education in all areas of development, both physical, emotional, and social. Further, all his teachers are native people, trained in Great Britain.

The result? The students they assure good results in their exams and a place in the desired university.

A bridge between Madrid and the Balearic Islands

King's College of Madrid has three centers in Madrid; one in Chamartín, for children from 2 to 7 years, another in The Moral for children from 3 to 16, and the main school, in the urbanization of Soto de Viñuelas (Children from 20 months to 18 years). The latter also has the Tenbury House international student residence. The centers also have facilities to develop the capabilities sports and artistic of your students and offer extracurricular activities such as languages, music, theater or dance.

Ibiza parents interested in having their children educated in centers of high academic level and who can ensure a productive career are in luck, because Matthew Taylor, director of King's College Madrid, comes to Ibiza to offer information about the school and its international student residence Tenbury House.

Thus the Saturday 26 of January of 2019 the Royal Plaza Hotel of Ibiza welcomes a information day where you can learn first hand and in detail the enormous advantages of your children studying in one of the most prestigious English schools in the world that celebrates its 50º Anniversary this year and that can benefit from the wide academic offer of its educational centers .

There will presentations to 11: 30 hours, 13 hours and 17: 30 hours. In addition, you can spend all day to request information about everything you can do to improve the future of your children. Matthew Taylor will be at your disposal from the 10 up to 19 hours.

If you can not get closer that day but want to know more about this exceptional educational offer you can contact King's College Madrid through the telephone +34 918 034 800 or write to

Do not miss this great opportunity to provide your children with the best possible future.

Event Information

Meet King's College Madrid

Location: Royal Plaza Hotel Ibiza

Date: 26 January 2019 Saturday

Schedule: From 10 to 19 hours. Presentations to the 11: 30h, 13h and 17: 30h

Address: Carrer de Pere Francès 27-29, 07800, Ibiza

Phone: +34 918 034 800

Entry price: Entrada libre

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