Seeking companions for a walk in Sa Coma, Ibiza

The Animal Protection Center requires volunteers to go for a walk with their dogs. Enjoy a beautiful and rewarding experience in Ibiza

What would you think give away a few minutes of your free time Who do you really need? We propose a plan which, along with entertaining, it is the most gratifying.

El Animal Protection Center of Sa Coma, in Ibiza, gives you the opportunity to Take your dogs for a walk. They need to discharge energy through exercise but, being so many, it is difficult to get everyone to take their daily walk. So you can introduce you as a volunteer to give them a turn.

The only requirement es that you like animals as much or more than their caregivers. Simple, right?

The days and times in which this activity is carried out are:

- Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 13 hours.

-Months and Thursdays of 17: 30 to 19: 30 hours.

What will only take you a few minutes for them will be a beautiful gesture that will surely be greatly appreciated.

It is not necessary for you to write down previously. You only have to get closer to Sa Coma, on the road from Ibiza to San Antonio, just behind the old barracks, and volunteer. You can take the dog and share with him a good running session or walk him around as you prefer! The only advice you get is that, if you decide to walk in summertake a little water and a bowl to avoid possible blows of heat.

Likewise, in Sa Coma they have small dogs, perfect for children to get involved in their walks. In this way they will acquire values ​​such as respect for animals and the importance of helping others while having a great time.

From Sa Coma they also make a appeal to those people who have a PPP license (potentially dangerous dogs). At the moment they have a host of individuals with this characteristic that, obviously, should also go for a walk. If you have this permission, you should only Take it with your ID.

They say that dogs are one of the most faithful animals in the world Do not you think it's time to compensate them for that loyalty somehow? Dare to share with them a few hours of your time, who knows? TheYou may know the one who will be your next life partner! 😉

Event Information

Animal tours in Sa Coma

Date: From Monday 17 June 2019 until Friday 20 December 2019

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 11: 30 hours. Tuesday and Thursday of 17: 30 to 19: 30 hours

Phone: +34 971 192 281


Entry price: Free

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