Course of Introduction to Photography in the C19


The youth center of Ibiza C19 organizes a Course of Introduction to Photography of 10 hours from the 6 of February 2019

The youth creation center of Ibiza city C19 organize a new Introductory course to photography like the one that already started in January, for those who want to learn to master their camera in a basic way.

The course consists of 10 hours and the Monday and Wednesday from 10 to 12 hours from 6 of February 2019.

It is a fast and simple course that combines theory and practice equally and that is taught by José Juan Gonzálvez.

The course has a price of 50 euros and you can sign up by going directly to the C19 or calling the phone + 34 971 397 600 (24150 extension).

Event Information

Introductory course to photography

Location: C19

Date: From Wednesday 6 February 2019 to Wednesday 20 February 2019

Schedule: 10 12 hours of a

Address: C / Castilla 19, Ibiza

Phone: + 34 971 397 600 (ext 24150)

Entry price: 50 euros

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