Sa Colla de Vila brings tradition to the center of Ibiza


Sa Colla de Vila will carry out different shows of peasant dance during this 2018 summer in different parts of the island of Ibiza

This season 2018 do not be surprised if, walking through some of the most tourist and beautiful areas of Ibiza city, you find yourself with precious Danish dance exhibitions.

Sa Colla de Vila will carry out these demonstrations in the street, to make known one of the most popular traditions of the island.

Area is Martell, in the port of Ibiza, or the Cathedral of Santa María (Dalt Vila) are some of the places where the exhibitions will take place until the month of September. They will take place during the afternoons of several days a month.

El Ball Pagés de Ibiza and Formentera was declared of Intangible Cultural Interest in 2012. It consists of a dance in which the man brings the woman to dance while 'els sonadors', musicians, play with the flutes, drums and castanets typical of the land. They draw attention to the costumes of the peasants and their 'emprendades', the jewels that shine.



Days 15 and 29 in es Martell (port of Ibiza) at 21.30 hours.

22 day in Ca'n Escandell at 20.30 hours.


Days 13 and 27 in es Martell (port of Ibiza) at 21.30 hours.


5 day in the Cathedral at 19 hours.

Days 10 and 24 in es Martell at 21.30 hours.


7 day at es Martell at 21.30 hours.

22 Day at the Mare Nostrum Festival.

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Event Information

Danish dance show

Location: Port of Ibiza, Cathedral, Ca'n Escandell

Date: From Friday 15 June 2018 until Saturday 22 September 2018

Entry price: Free

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