San Antonio parties to start 2020 with a lot of fun plans

The Fiestas de San Antonio inaugurate the calendar in Ibiza, check here the full program for 2020 and all the fun proposals that bring you

The Festivities of San Antonio They are, as every year, the first to be held on the island. This year's program brings numerous new features and starts the January 10 Friday of 2020 with the reading of the proclamation in the municipal tent, with activities of the most desirable that continue until 15 March 2020.

Among the most prominent events, the Big day of the Feasts of San Antonio on 17 January 2020In addition to traditional acts, it is celebrated from 13 pm on Fun & Trucks Festival, with several concerts. The classic party Flower Power el Saturday 11 of January 2020 this year is imbued with the spirit of the Fabulous.

Another novelty is a exhibition on The Rolling Stones in the Coves Blanques Lighthouse from January 16, 2020. That same day the IV Brisa Flamenca Festival at the Cine Regio, which sold out the tickets in record time and brings us this year to the artists José Mercé, Alba Molina and Ricardo Moreno.

returns Matanzas World Championship on January 31 and February 1, 2020, where you will be able to know the process of carrying out a traditional Ibizan slaughter and there will be popular fry and performance by Joan Murenu and a Gent Bona colla. They also return on XXXIX Dance and music festival on January 12 at the Regio cinema, the XVII Guateque «Lever anem» January 18 or expected La Movida party on February 8, 2020, with the theme «Urban Tribes». It is also celebrated on February 22 and 23, 2020 on II Rock Island Festival, with performances by Red Beard, Jodie Cash Fingers, The Soul Jacket, Billy Flamingos and the Fat Gumbo Bradley trio.

Other classic plans like the one are repeated Kite festival «Posa un estel al cel», the XVI edition of the traditional Sant Antoni Rural and the IX edition of Olympic Summer, which includes the first "Verro Kids" this year. It also returns the XIX Marxa bicycle touring des Porquet, the night walk to Santa Inés «Anem de lluna i mirem-nos sa flor» or the Survival Zombie.

This year's program also has numerous sporting events, karate trophies, judo, fishing, swimming, bocce, rhythmic gymnastics exhibitions, the VII Punta Galera BTT Trophy, the motorcycle festival, the Chess Open or the Athletic March Trophy «Tolo Torres».

The program is very varied and includes many other proposals for all tastes and ages, which invite you to approach Portmany.

Do not miss any with the Festival Program of San Antonio 2020

Event Information

Festivities of San Antonio 2020

Location: San Antonio

Date: From Friday 10 January 2020 to Sunday 15 March 2020

Entry price: Free

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