First Photography Contest «Focus Femení» in San Antonio


The City Council of San Antonio announces the First Photo Contest "Focus Femení" for Women's Day, you have until the 22 of March 2019 to participate

The councils of Youth and Culture of the City of San Antonio organize the first Photography Contest «Focus Femení», as part of the activities organized by the March 8, International Women's Day.

The event seeks to promote the participation of women and encourage them to show their perception of the world through photography, in addition to providing a platform for women photographers, whether professionals or amateurs, to make their work visible.

The contest is open to any older woman of 14 years who wants to participate Only one can be presented only work, which must be accompanied by a explanatory text de maximum 40 words.

The works must be unpublished and not having received any prize. You can send your picture until 22 March 2019 a Also, if you wish, you can consult the rules of the contest in the San Antonio City Council website.

Go ahead and participate and win some of the prizes. The First prize is a Euro bonus 700 for photographic material, the Second and the Third are 200 and 100 Euro bonuses respectively. In addition, the winners will receive other gifts.

Event Information

I Photography Contest "Focus Femení"

Date: From Friday 1 March 2019 to Friday 22 March 2019

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