First Fira del Disc in San Antonio


On 20 Sunday of January 2019 the first Fira del Disc is celebrated within the Fiestas de San Antonio, with vinyl, live music, exhibition ...

The cultural music association Back and San Antonio City Council take advantage of the programming of festivities to organize the first Fira del Disc, an appointment that will delight music lovers.

The appointment is Sunday 20 2019 January at Paseo de Ses Fonts from San Antonio and is celebrated from the 11 up to 21 hours.

It will be a lively day on the street with a lot of places where you can buy and sell vinyls, CDs and video games of all kinds.

Attention, because if you want to take advantage to clean at home and get rid of your old vinyls, CDs or video games that you no longer use, you should to sign up at the San Antonio City Hall before the 14 of January of 2019.

There will also be a exhibition of vinyls and CDs and the day will be animated by several performances of live music and Djs P. Pilot, Miquel Botja and Rocker Stomp.

Event Information

I Fira del Disc

Date: Sunday 20 January From 2019

Schedule: 11 21 hours of a

Address: Paseo de Ses Fonts, San Antonio, Ibiza

Entry price: Free

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