Taste and tradition at the Crown Almond Festival


The Almond Festival on Sunday 27 January 2019 offers workshops and torrada. On Thursday and Friday there will be two days of grafting and pruning of almond trees

Few foods so healthy, complete, delicious and that reflect the soul and the most authentic tradition of Ibiza as the almond. As you already know the area of Santa Ines is famous for its almond trees, that in the winter months offer a beautiful print with their glasses laden with white flowers.

How could it be otherwise, is Santa Ines de Corona the place chosen for the celebration of a new edition of the Almond Festival that is part of the programming of Festivities of Santa Inés.

But prior to the celebration of it, the Consell de Ibiza organizes the Thursday 24 and Friday 25 of January of 2019 two new technical days of grafting and pruning of almond trees for the new plantations that have been carried out in the Corona area.

The days include a theoretical class and a practical session in which a new plantation will be visited in the Pla de Corona. The initiative is part of the project promoted by the Consell and the Association of Residents of Pla de Corona to revitalize the almond tree plantations that are in a state of serious setback.

In addition, almond grafting is the only way to preserve the traditional almond varieties of Ibiza.

The workshop is taught by the IRFAP technician (Balearic Government) Bernat Cañellas.

-January 24 of January of 2019: Winter grafting of almonds with traditional varieties. Schedule of 10: 30 to 13 hours. Social Center of Santa Inés (next to the Church).

-Friday 25 of January of 2019: Pruning in formation of young specimens of almond tree. Schedule of 9: 30 to 13 hours. Social Center of Santa Inés (next to the Church).

La Almond Festival properly said is celebrated on Sunday 27 2019 January in the Municipal carp from town. In this second edition there will be exhibitors linked to the almond and its gastronomy for the whole day.

From 11 to 13 hours there will be a walk respectful for Corona with the journalist Pere Prieto, collaborator of the book «Crown, life, people, memories», who will talk about the traditional way of life in the area. On the walk it also visit the new almond plantations of Corona.

In addition, several free gastronomic workshops so you can learn to create authentic delights using this delicate fruit. There will be pastry with Marga Orell where you can learn to prepare ice cream, almond milk, panellets and crepes; workshop almond coca with Marga de Can Pou, and workshop almond cookies with Eva de Can Blay.

Starting at 14 hours there will also be a tasty torrada at popular prices so you can enjoy a beautiful day in the country.

In addition, attendees are gift with almond bags from Ibiza as a souvenir and so that you do not fall into the temptation of taking the flowers from the field.

Long live the ibicencan almond!

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Event Information

Crown Almond Festival

Date: From Thursday 24 From January From 2019 to Sunday 27 From January From 2019

Entry price: Free

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