Shiatsu and Sotai course at Pilates Ibiza

Pilates Ibiza organizes a course of Shiatsu and Sotai, 8 sessions every Saturday from the 9 of April to learn these incredible Japanese techniques

The therapy center Pilates Ibiza offers you an interesting Shiatsu and Sotai course directed so much to Professionals as any interested in learning to take better care of your body and your health through these technical tools of Japanese origin.

It is a first level that nevertheless delves very deeply in both techniques, since it begins at the Saturday, April 9 and develops throughout 8 sessions, every Saturday on schedule from 10 to 14 hours and from 15: 30 to 19: 30 hours.


In each of these sessions, different aspects of Shiatsu and Sotai will be studied in depth, so that you can attend the full training o to each of these sessions in an independent way, each has a price of 100 euros.

El Shiatsu is a type of japanese massage which is applied by pressure digit both on tatami and stretcher, and looking for a correct channeling our vital energy by pressing key points of our organism, so that it serves to relax, relieve tension and reduce physical and emotional stress.

Shiatsu ibiza ibiza pilates course

For his part, Sotai it is neuromusuclar technique of postural reeducation, muscular and articular based on traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, combined with elements of Western medicine, which favors the body rebalance and harmonizes our body according to our nature.

Both techniques will allow you improve the general condition of your body, since they allow balance out the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems, improve your blood circulation, tone the muscles, avoid fluid retention and eliminate toxins, doing a function similar to that of a lymphatic drainage.


In addition, you prevent and even cure muscle ailments such as low back pain, tendonitis, stiff neck or sciatica, and alleviate other health problems such as migraines, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression and disorders related to menstruation and menopause.

Dare to discover thanks to this complete course a natural way of rebalancing your energies and achieving a state of harmony and health thanks to these incredible ancestral techniques.


C/ Illa Plana 9, Low, Ibiza

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