The Alchemy of Sound in Ibiza, feel the healing power of sound

If you want to feel the healing power of sound, do not miss the Alchemy of Sound retreat in Ibiza, a unique experience with yoga, meditation ...

La Alchemy of Sound It is a proposal of Individual or small group retreat which is organized in Ibiza on different dates, although you can also choose yours as you wish.

It is a unique experience for those who want to delve into the alchemical field of vibration through sound and energetic work. Enjoy a few days of reconnection, combining the magic of this wonderful island with therapeutic tools such as yoga breathing meditation, the singing aromatherapy, rides in nature and much more.

The universe and everything it contains is a energy field with different degrees of vibration. Everything in us and in nature works on the basis of a harmonic order. When some part of your body does not vibrate in harmony, mismatch occurs, discomfort and if it persists, disease. Certain sounds and vibrations can, by resonance, return the lost harmony to your body.

What this retreat proposes to you is to take advantage of the sound healing vibration combined with the energy focus of the chakras, five elements, the techniques of breathing and the aromatherapy. Do not worry that in any case no experience is necessary previous one.

For four days You can enjoy sessions of 4 daily hours with Elena Yoga Ibiza and you will have all the instruments to practice the rest of the day. The sessions are taught at Elena's house, but the accommodation is at your charge and choice.


The dates already organized for this retreat are:

-From the 14 to the 17 of March of 2019

-From the 25 to the 28 of April of 2019 (28 April 2019 participates in the Ibiza Spirit Festival as an extra activity).

-From the 23 to the 26 of May of 2019

-From the 20 to the 23 of June of 2019

-From the 12 to the 15 of September of 2019

-From the 3 to the 6 of October of 2019 (6 October 2019 participates in the Ibiza Spirit Festival as an extra activity).

Learn to feel and develop your listening and intuition.

Approximate program of work in The Alchemy of Sound

1 DAY: Shamanic Work. Earth and Air Element (1er and 4º chakra)

-Introduction to the connection and meaning of the Elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air).

-Learning to open spaces, to clean energy and blockages with essences, copal smoke and other resins or plants.

-Asanas (yoga postures) and movement of energy in the body.Meditation in the breathing element EARTH.

-Aromatherapy related.

-Percussion, shamanic drum, Native American flute, air knocker, medicine chants, rattles.

2 DAY: Emotions. Water element (2º chakra)

-Asanas (yoga postures) and movement of energy in the body.

-Meditation in the water element respiration.

-Aromatherapy related.

-Sangle, Ocean drum, Rain sticks, Hang drum.

3 DAY: Focus and transform. Element Fire and Ether (3er and 5º chakra)

-Fire Agnihotra, the power of alchemy.

-Asanas (yoga postures) and movement of energy in the body.

-Meditation on the breathing element FIRE.

-Aromatherapy related.

-Shrooti, ​​Voice, Deedjiridoo, Song of mantras, percussions.

4 DAY: The Silence of Sound. Intuition and Inner Vision (4º, 6º and 7º chakra)

-Asanas (yoga postures) and movement of energy in the body.

-Meditation in the Intuition and the intelligence of the heart.

-Meditation of silence / sound.

-Aromatherapy related.

-Tibetan basins, Pyramid and Quartz bowls, therapeutic tuning forks, Koshis, voice.

Event Information

The Alchemy of Sound

Location: San Carlos, Ibiza

Date: From Thursday 23 May From 2019 to Sunday 26 May From 2019

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    Please can i have some ore info on the times. I would love to get involved. I hope to hear from you soon. Cheers

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