«The tragedy of being a good child», talks at Cercle Gestalt Ibiza


Cercle Gestalt Ibiza organizes an interesting free talk on Wednesday 27 of February 2019 entitled «The tragedy of being a good child»

Cercle Gestalt Ibiza organizes an interesting talk entitled «The tragedy of being a good child» el Wednesday 27 of February of 2019 to 20 hours.

Being a good boy or girl often means to deny one's identity and freedom to be oneself in favor of social adaptation and to receive love. It means relegating feelings of sadness, anger or anger to please others, to feel loved.

In this talk workshop these issues are addressed, in the traits, motivations, benefits and difficulties of having been a good child. It is posed as a self-knowledge space, useful for anyone who is on a path of personal growth.

The talk is given by the social educator and Gestalt therapist Marina Novara Torres, former good girl, currently training in Integrative Body Therapy and the SAT program.

The talk is free. In any case, if you want more information or to register, you can contact on the phone +34 871 044 220 or in the email ibiza@cerclegestalt.com.

Event Information

The Tragedy of being a good child

Location: Cercle Gestalt Ibiza

Date: 27 February 2019 Wednesday

Schedule: 20 22 hours of a

Address: C / Corona 1, 1º, Vila Parc Building, 07800, Ibiza

Phone: +34 871 044 220

Entry price: Free

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