Workshop Movement, presence and expression in Open Space


Open Space in Santa Gertrudis offers you the interesting workshop «Movement, presence and expression» on Sunday 12 of May 2019 with Julieta Messina

Room Open Space located in Santa Gertrudis, welcomes the workshop "Movement, presence and expression", an interesting activity that invites you to enjoy "here and now" through free movement, play, music and creativity.

The activity is the Sunday 12 May 2019 in time 18 to 20 hours and is taught by Julieta Messina.

What he proposes to you is to stimulate your vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and to take out of your interior your psychic landscapes. Explore and move from the inside out to allow yourself express yourself with freedom, to let what emerges from your interior be manifested through the spontaneous creation of small artistic pieces.

To participate you do not need any experience. It is not that you know how to dance, that you have technique or style, but that you give yourself to this experience and that you enjoy the pleasure of moving and expressing yourself freely.

To sign up or to request more information you can contact Julieta Messina on the phone +34 691 424 397 or in

A request is made for contribution of 15 euros, in which the materials to carry out the activity are included.

Event Information

Workshop Movement, presence and expression

Location: Open Space

Date: Sunday 12 From May From 2019

Schedule: 18 20 hours of a

Phone: +34 691 424 397

Entry price: 15 contribution euros

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