Workshop New promises of Cinema with Ibicine in Cowork Ibiza

Ibicine organizes a complete New Promises Workshop of Cinema from 9 to 21 on September 2019 in Cowork Ibiza, with renowned professionals

El Ibicine Film Festival has organized a complete workshop qualified New Promises of Cinema, a professional conference to learn how to make movies and shoot a short film that will feature renowned professionals.

It is a two-week workshop held 9 of the septiembre 21 of 2019 in the shared workspace Cowork Ibiza, in Ibiza city.

The workshop has an eminently practical approach and aims to allow participants to put themselves in the shoes of each of the necessary positions to carry out a film project. Therefore, the course concludes with the making a short film. The topics to be discussed are Production, Screenplay, Narrative Direction, Photography Direction, Art Direction, Actor Direction, Makeup, Sound and Assembly.

Among the professionals who teach in the workshop is the prestigious Mallorcan director and producer Marcos Cabota, tutor of the workshop and in charge of giving script, production and narrative direction, the actress Barbara Hermosilla, the art director Paula de Granvarthe makeup artist Kathy Indorfthe soundman Fady Khazaal and the director and director of photography and also director of the festival, Helher Escribano.

The workshop is celebrated Monday to Friday from 17 to 21 hours and Saturdays from 10 to 14 hours. The minimum age to participate is 16 years. and the registration fee is only 50 euros.

Places are limited, so if you are interested, book yours as soon as possible by writing to

New Film Promises Workshop Program


Event Information

New Cinema Promises Workshop with Ibicine

Location: Cowork Ibiza

Date: From Monday 9 September 2019 to Saturday 21 September 2019

Schedule: Monday through Friday from 17 to 21 hours. Saturdays from 10 to 14 hours

Address: C / Murcia 10, location 15, 07800, Ibiza

Entry price: 50 euros complete workshop

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