Can Tixedó presents the exhibition 'Surrealidoscopio'

D'Anchú Zeff opens its exhibition 'Surrealidoscopio' in Can Tixedó Ibiza from the 2 of August to the 5 of September of 2019

The artist D'Anchú Zeff presents its exhibition 'Surrealisdoscope', urban art with surreal and psychedelic reminiscences in Can Tixedó Art Café.

Born in Ibiza in 1986, she developed her studies between Switzerland, California and Cyprus. The call from his native island brought him back and now is where he develops his art.

«Art is the translator of my subconscious, Existential experimentation is my muse and teacher. Climbing my guide », says the artist. For her, the exhibition «is a exhibition about the legacy that our ancestors have left us and what current scientists are rediscovering with quantum physics and with technology ».

Next to each of his paintings is a QR code that when scanning connect his works to writings and videos about quantum physics, microbiology, Kundalini, symbolism or legends.

You can see his works at oil and charcoal on wood until the September 5. Do not miss your inauguration this Friday August 2 with live Afro-Cuban music from the 20.30 hours.

Event Information

D'Anchú Zeff Exhibition

Location: Can Tixedó Art Cafe

Date: From Friday 2 Of August Of 2019 until Thursday 5 Of September Of 2019

Schedule: At 20.30

Address: Highway San Rafael to Santa Inés, km 5, San Antonio, Ibiza

Entry price: Free admission

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