May Disobedient: Days of Mal del Cap


Ester Jordana, Jonathan Martínez and Silvia Cepero star in the May Disobedient Conferences organized by Ibiza Mal del Cap

May Disobedient is the title chosen by the cultural association Bad of the Cap for its new cycle of Disobedient Days where they will discuss topics such as neoliberalism, media and the deals with human beings.

The conference has for the first time with the collaboration of the City Council of Ibiza, which has facilitated the Casal de Igualdad (together with CETIS) to celebrate them.

The goal is to invite you to make a critical and antihegemonic reflection of the past, present and future of society and open a space to the citizen participation to encourage critical spirit.

On this occasion you can enjoy three days.

-The 11 May 2019 Saturday to 19: 30 hours with Ester Jordana, professor, graduate in psychology and philosophy who has just published the work "Michel Foucault: biopolitica i governamentalitat" (Barcelona: Gedisa, 2019). The philosopher conducts the workshop talk «Intimate Disobedience». In it he will speak of the fact that neoliberalism is not only a set of economic policies, but it is a form of government of life that goes a step further with respect to the disciplinary mechanisms that Foucault had characterized in the 70 years. And is that neoliberalism has been imposed as a way to manage our lives in recent decades.

-14 May 2019 Tuesday to 19: 30 hours with Jonathan Martinez, journalist in media like CTXT or Naiz, known twitterer and political activist. The journalist offers a talk entitled «Media, lies and videotapes» in which he will talk about media, fake news and political communication.

-23 May 2019 Thursday to 19: 30 hours with Silvia Cepero, Bachelor of Communication Sciences and Postgraduate of Documentary and Gender and co-founder of the Cooperative of Video and Social Transformation Càmeres i Acció and of the Community TV Channel La Veïnal. Cepero will present the «Blessy» documentary of the Catalan collective Càmeres i acció, created collectively between three directors and four women survivors of the Trafficking in Human Beings (TSH).

A critical and topical cultural event that invites you to exercise your critical muscle a bit.

Event Information

May Disobedient - Jornadas Mal del Cap

Location: Ibiza Equal Housing

Date: From Saturday 11 De Mayo From 2019 until Thursday 23 De Mayo From 2019

Schedule: 19: 30 hours

Address: C / San Cristofol (next to CETIS), 07800, Ibiza

Entry price: Entrada libre

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