Dichotomies: New Cinefórum of the UIB for this autumn


The UIB Headquarters in Ibiza offers you free screenings of great films with a new Cinefórum Series, Tuesday from October to December 2019

El Cultural Activities Service of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) organize a new University Cinefórum cycle.

Cinema is one of the arts with the greatest cultural influence in our times. Therefore, it is intended to create a space of reflexión, making known to the public classic films and European titles, independent production or less commercial or conventional films.

This new Cinefórum cycle, which is titled «Dicotomías», is coordinated by Amable Palacios and José Francisco Ruiz.

It offers movie screenings in original version with subtitles in the Headquarters of the UIB en Ibiza.

The cycle develops from October to December of 2019. The sessions are the Tuesday (not all, see the program) at 18: 30 hours.

On each pass there will be a previous presentation of the film by the coordinators and relevant characters of the Ibizan society. Also, at the end there will be a informal colloquium to comment on the film

La Admission is free.

Programa Cinefórum «Dicotomías»

-8 October October 2019: «Psicosis», by Alfred Hitchcock, 1960 (109 '), VOSE, USA.

-Martes 22 de octubre de 2019: «Viaje al cuarto de una madre», by Celia Rico Clavellino, 2018, (90 '), VOE, Spain.

-Martes 5 de noviembre de 2019: «Gato negro, gato blanco», by Emir Kusturica, 1998 (127 '), VOSE, Serbia / France / Germany.

-Martes 19 de noviembre de 2019: «The party (El guateque)», by Blake Edwards, 1968 (99 '), VOSE, USA.

-Martes 3 de diciembre de 2019: «Un verano con Mónica», by Ingmar Bergman, 1953, (96 '), VOSE, Sweden.

-Martes 10 de diciembre de 2019: «En cuerpo y alma», by Ildikó Enyedi, 2017, (116 '), VOSE, Hungary.

Event Information

Cinefórum UIB

Location: Headquarters of the UIB

Date: From Tuesday 8 October From 2019 until Tuesday 10 December From 2019

Schedule: 18: 30 hours

Address: C / Del Calvario 1, Ibiza

Entry price: Free

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