Exhibition of Carloandrés in the Library of Ibiza

The Municipal Library of Ibiza in Can Ventosa hosts an exhibition by the painter Carloandrés that you can visit until the 26 of July 2019

La Municipal library of Ibiza in Can Ventosa welcomes a exposure of the painter Carloandrés, with documents, photographs and books that show their more personal and literary facet. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the first anniversary of his death.

Carloandrés is an artist belonging to the generation of the 50, like Francisco Brines or Ricardo Defarges. Painter and poet Valencian born accidentally in La Coruña, is in Ibiza where he lived and developed most of his career. With a solid academic background in the 40 years in Madrid and Valencia, Carloandrés expressed himself through drawing, sculpture, watercolor, printmaking and oil on canvas and panel.

His artistic beginnings are very influenced by greats like Zurbarán, Velázquez or Francisco Ribalta, and, later, by the Impressionists and, above all, by Cézanne, his favorite artist and the one who most influenced him.

The exhibition also offers his facet as a poet, showing a unpublished poetry notebook entitled «I can't take the brushes to talk to you». In addition, some photos, a painting and some posters of their exhibitions.

The exhibition can be visited until the 26 of July 2019. The schedule is 8 to 15 hours from Monday to Friday.

La Entrance is free.

Event Information

Exhibition of Carloandrés

Location: Municipal library of Ibiza in Can Ventosa

Date: From Monday 15 Of July Of 2019 until Friday 26 Of Julio Of 2019

Schedule: 8 15 hours of a

Address: Ignasi Wallis Avenue 26, 07800, Ibiza

Entry price: Entrada libre

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