Antonio Hormigo exhibition at the Ibiza Town Hall

The Town Hall of Ibiza shows an exhibition in its Plenary Hall with sculptures by the artist Antonio Hormigo that you can visit during 2018

Antonio Hormigo is the protagonist of the new commemorative exhibition that you can enjoy during this year in the antechamber to the Plenary Hall of the Ibiza Town Hall.

The sample consists of eight pieces selected from among his sculptures made in wood, works that bring us closer to the essence of the work of this artist who divines, in the arboreal matter, possible forms that represent bodies.

Antonio Hormigo (San Antonio, 1933) is an artist who with his creative work seeks to bring forth the beauty of the forms that it conceals from matter. His way of working starts from a careful observation of the branches and trunks that he uses for his sculptural works. Discover, respecting the original and whimsical shape of the tree, what is hidden inside the piece and will shape it until the result is revealed. Then, polish the surface of each piece to leave a silky touch, but without hiding nerves, veins or knots. Such a artistic symbol of the connection between nature and human being, which works with native woods such as pine, olive, juniper or carob

An exciting exhibition that brings you closer to the creative world of one of the fundamental artists of Ibiza.

Event Information

Antonio Hormigo Exhibition

Location: Plenary Hall of the Ibiza Town Hall

Date: From Friday 23 Of March Of 2018 until Friday 28 Of December Of 2018

Address: C / Canarias 35, 07800, Ibiza

Phone: +34 971 397 600

Entry price: Entrada libre

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