«Magical Dreams», two galas of the Magic Association of Ibiza in Santa Eulalia


The Magic Association of Ibiza and Formentera stars in "Magical Dreams", a magic gala at the 23 in February at the España Theater and the 16 in March, 2019 in Jesús

La Magic Association of Ibiza and Formentera presents a new show entitled "Magic dreams", of which they make two representations in Santa Eulalia.

In "Magical Dreams" the different illusionists will try to immerse the spectators in a dream world in which nothing is impossible.

Twelve magicians from the island who will use their skills to show on stage things that normally only happen in dreams. Appearances and disappearances, metamorphosis and projection of thought... A surprising and fun show designed for the enjoyment of all ages.

The performances will take place in Santa Eulalia. The Saturday 23 of February of 2019 to 20 hours at Spanish Theater of Santa Eulalia and Saturday 16 of March of 2019 to 19 hours at Cultural Center of Jesus.

The Entries they cost 7 euros.

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Event Information

"Magic dreams"

Location: Spain Theater and Jesus Cultural Center

Date: From Saturday 23 Of February Of 2019 until Saturday 16 Of March Of 2019

Schedule: Santa Eulalia 20 hours. Jesus 19 hours

Address: Theater Spain: C / San Jaime 81, Santa Eulalia. Cultural Center of Jesus: C / Faisán 7, Jesús

Entry price: 7 euros

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