Projection of Fashion Films, Music Videos and Video Art of Ibicine at the Teatro España

Ibicine organizes an interesting screening of Fashion Films, Videoclips and Video Arte on Sunday 22 of September 2019 at the Teatro España

Ibicine Organize a special screening of the official section before the celebration of this year's Final. On this occasion they propose you to enjoy an interesting selection of Fashion Films, Music Videos and Video Art competing in this year's official edition of Ibicine.

The appointment is Sunday 22 2019 September to 20: 30 hours at Theater Spain of Santa Eulalia.

The organizers remember the importance of the puntuality and that in the Theater you can buy drinks and snacks, including popcorn.

You can find more information about the festival in

Event Information

Ibicine Fashion Films, Video and Video Art Projection

Location: Theater Spain

Date: Sunday 22 Of September Of 2019

Schedule: 20: 30 22 hours to

Address: Sant Jaume 81 Street, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Entry price: 5 euros

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