III Edition IbiCine 2019: 2ª Semifinal at the Cultural Center of Jesus

The Second Semifinal of the III Edition of Ibicine is celebrated in the Cultural Center of Jesus on Thursday 25 of April 2019, with projection and voting of shorts

After hosting the first semifinal last week, the auditorium of Cultural Center of Jesus offers you to enjoy with the Second Semifinal of the Third Edition of the Ibicine Festival.

Come closer Thursday 25 of April of 2019 to 20 hours to enjoy the second round of projections and voting. Once again, there will be a selection of short films with a very diverse and high quality theme, and the audience will decide who will be the second finalist to compete in the November 16 November's 2019 Final.

The event has an approximate duration of 90 minutes, including screenings and short films.

The Entries cost only 5 euros and you can take them out through the Ibicine website. You can also buy them directly at the box office from 1 hour before of the event, but remember that it will have to be cash because they do not have a dataphone.

Program Second Semifinal III Ibicine

1) «The Graffiti», by Laplace Aurélien (9 minutes)
2) «The Earth calling Ana», by Fernando Bonelli (20 minutes)
3) «Two lives», by Alberto Collado de Lis (6 minutes)
4) «Family Symphony No. 1», by Guillermo del Río Altaba (10 minutes)
5) «Background», by Toni Bestard (15 minutes)
6) «Casting (remunerated)», by Javier García Fernández and Rocío Alzueta Jaro (16 minutes)
7) «The lair», by Iago de Soto (15 minutes)
8) «Amoled», by Iván Casajús Guaita (6 minutes)

Event Information

2ª Semifinal III Edition Ibicine

Location: Cultural Center of Jesus

Date: 25 April 2019 Thursday

Schedule: 20 hours

Address: C / Pheasant 7, 07819, Jesus, Ibiza

Phone: +34 637 135 862

Entry price: 5 euros

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