Cafuné, show for all audiences at Cas Serres Ibiza


On Saturday 11 of May of 2019 the auditorium of Cas Serres in Ibiza brings you the theatrical show for all audiences «Cafuné»

The auditorium of Cas Serres located in Ibiza city brings you «Cafuné», a new theatrical show for all ages by the company Du'K'tO.

The function is the 11 May 2019 Saturday to 20: 30 hours.

It is a play without text of approximate duration of 45 minutes and is part of the circuit TALENTIB 2019.

The Advance tickets they cost 9 euros and can be booked on the phone +34 680 104 856 (Monday through Friday from 10 to 15 hours). You can also get them on-line through ticket sale website of the Consell de Ibiza, or else directly box office from 2 hours and a half to 10 minutes before the function by 13 euros.

Event Information


Location: Cas Serres

Date: 11 2019 Saturday May

Schedule: 20: 30 hours

Address: C / Felip Curtois i Valls, 2-16, 07800, Ibiza

Phone: +34 680 104 856

Entry price: Advance 9 euros, box office 13 eurosBuy tickets

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