«Smiley: A love story», a fun comedy in Cas Serres

The Talentib circuit brings to Ibiza the theatrical comedy «Smiley: A Love Story», on Saturday 28 of April 2018 in Cas Serres, free admission

The circuit Talentib 2018, an initiative of the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, Govern Balear and the Consell de Ibiza, brings to the island «Smiley: A Love Story», a fun theater comedy of the company The Somni Produccions.

The work is inspired by a japanese legend which states that when two people are destined to be together an invisible red thread tied to the little finger joins them from the day of their birth. An unbreakable thread with the power to unite two people forever, no matter how different they may be. In this comedy, the protagonists Àlex and Biel are two antagonistic personalities but, whether they want it or not, they are united by this red thread.

The work is starring Héctor Seoane and Joan Toni Sunyer, and directed by Joan M. Albinyana, Award for Best Direction of the Balearic Islands in 2013 for the play «La senyora» and Best Show of the Balearic Islands in 2014 for «Dels llargs camins».

Come to spend a fun time with this work that represents the Saturday 28 2018 April to 21 hours in the auditorium of Cas Serres. The entry es free, but the punctuality is fundamental, since once begun, the entrance to the auditorium will not be allowed.

Event Information

Smiley: A love story

Location: Cas Serres

Date: 28 April 2018 Saturday

Schedule: 21 hours

Address: C / Felip Curtois i Valls, 2-16, 07800, Ibiza

Entry price: Free

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