«La gallina dels ous d'or», children's theater in Santa Eulalia


The Spanish Theater of Santa Eulalia brings you the family theater play “La gallina dels ous d'or” by Zum-Zum Theater on Sunday 20 of January 2019

El Theater Spain located in Santa Eulalia proposes you to enjoy a fun family evening with the children's play «The chicken of the ous d'or», In charge of the company Zum-Zum Teatre.

The function is the Sunday 20 2019 January to 18 hours. The work has a duration of 55 minutes, is in Catalan and is recommended from 4 years.

The work tells us about two farmers who did not waste time thinking about money and always shared what little they had with those who needed it the most. But one day, a chicken from her farm laid a golden egg and everything changed.

A story that proposes that money is nothing more than a "story."


Event Information

"The chicken dels ous d'or"

Location: Theater Spain

Date: Sunday 20 January From 2019

Schedule: 18 hours

Address: Street San Jaime 81, Santa Eulalia

Entry price: 6 euros online and 8 euros at the box officeBuy tickets

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