The pioneer of videoart Bill Viola in La Nave Salinas

Lio Malca presents this summer 2018 two large-scale installations of the great artist Bill Viola in La Nave Salinas, you can see them from 21 from June to 30 from September 2018

The New York art collector Lio Malca In collaboration with Bill Viola Studio presents this summer 2018 two large-scale installations of the famous artist Bill Viola (New York, 1951) that you can enjoy in the beautiful exhibition space of The Salinas Ship that Malca manages.

It is about two of the most acclaimed works of this pioneer of video art and living legend of contemporary art: «Fire Woman» and «Tristan's Ascension (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall)".

Both facilities are presented in a screen over 7 meters high within completely closed space and endowed with a 4.1 sound system, a transforming and immersive experience that you can not miss. Viola created these video installations in 2015 as part of a dramatist's production Peter Sellars of Richard Wagner's opera «Tristan and Isolde».

«Fire Woman» is a vision in the memory of a man who is dying. The silhouette of a woman appears against the light against a wall of fire. After a few minutes, the woman advances, opens her arms and sinks into her own reflection. When the flames of passion and fever envelop the inner gaze, and the revelation that physical desire will no longer return blinds the observer, the reflecting surface shatters and returns to its essential state of undulating forms of pure light. This hard installation 11 minutes y 12 seconds.

«Tristan's Ascension (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall)» tells the ascension of the soul after death, when she wakes up and is attracted to a waterfall whose water rises instead of falling. The body of a man lies on a slab in an empty concrete room. A few small drops of water appear as they rise from the ground and ascend into space. What begins as a drizzle becomes a thunderous deluge, and the falling water pushes the inert body of man, which soon comes to life. His arms move ungainly and his torso arches in the troubled waters. This installation has a duration of 10 minutes y 16 seconds.

Photo of Vittorino

As you have already deduced, the work of this important New York artist revolves around the human condition, and he talks to us about topics as universal as birth, death, life and transformation. «Art is for me the process of try to awaken the soul. Because we live in an industrialized and accelerated world that prefers that the soul remains asleep » (Bill Viola)

A surprising exhibition project in a unsurpassed natural environment that you can enjoy from 21 June 2018 Thursday, when the preview of the exhibition between 20 and 22 hours, Y de Tuesday through Sunday de 10 to 22 hours until September 30 2018.

Also, so that you can go deeper into the work of Bill Viola and take full advantage of the exhibition, from the 10 of July of 2018 and until the end of September Are organized Guided tours in Spanish or English. The regular schedule, upon registration, is the Wednesday at 11 hours and Friday and Saturdays at 19 hours. You can also arrange a visit at a different time, depending on availability. In any case, you have to pre-register contacting in

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Event Information

Bill Viola

Location: The Salinas Ship

Date: From Thursday 21 June 2018 to Sunday 30 September 2018

Schedule: 10 22 hours of a

Address: Carrer La Canal 2, Las Salinas, Ibiza

Entry price: Entrada libre

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