«Vida i mort d’un arquitecte», cine gratis en la Biblioteca Pública Insular

La Biblioteca Pública Insular en Cas Serres proyecta el documental «Vida i mort d’un arquitecte» el jueves 4 de abril 2019, entrada gratis

La Insular Public Library Ibiza located in the multi-purpose building of Cas Serres participates in the first edition of the cycle «Cinema lliure a la Biblioteca» («Cine libre en la Biblioteca»), que llega a la isla gracias a un intercambio cultural entre bibliotecas de Baleares, Cataluña y Occitania.

El Thursday 4 of April of 2019 to 19 hours you can enjoy the projection of documental «Vida i mort d’un arquitecte» («Vida y muerte de un arquitecto»).

It is a biographical documentary and research on the life and death of the architect Josep Ferragut Pou, a character of Mallorcan culture of the 20th century, directed by Miguel Eek and produced by Mosaic Productions.

Through recreations of his biography and guided by the voice of Ferragut himself, we relive the film through the last years of this controversial architect and the circumstances, still obscure, of his murder.

La entrance is free.

Event Information

Documentary "Vida i mort d'un arquitecte"

Location: Insular Public Library - Cas Serres

Date: 4 April 2019 Thursday

Schedule: 19 hours

Address: C / Ernest Ehrenfeld s / n, 07800, Ibiza

Entry price: Free admission

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