Zinètic Cinema: Independent cinema at the Cine Regio in San Antonio

The independent film cycle Zinètic Cinema celebrates its 4ª edition this autumn winter 2019 / 2020 at the Regio Cinema of San Antonio

The independent film cycle Zinètic Cinema celebrates its fourth edition this fall / winter 2019 / 2020 in its usual location: the beautiful and retro Cinema Regio Of San Antonio.

It is a great opportunity to enjoy the island of quality cinema and something far from the usual commercial circuits and the premieres that come to Ibiza.

All films are screened in original version with subtitles.

The films are projected approximately every two Thursdays at 21: 30 hours. The cycle starts the 7 of November of 2019 and ends the 2 of April of 2020. Attention because it is not celebrated every week, check the specific dates.

In addition, this year they put at your disposal free parking, so you don't have excuses for not enjoying the best cinema.

Zinètic Cinema 2019 / 2020 Program

«Long Day's Journey Into Night» (2018) 7 November | 21.30 h | Regio Cinema
Direction: Bi Gan · Xina · 133 '· Drama. Intrigue · VOSE (Chinese with Spanish subtitles)
Bi Gan's latest film, after the successful Kaili Blues, is a carefully visual poetic mosaic deeply recognized with the prestigious Un Certain Regard of the Cannes Film Festival of 2018. This romantic noir, of calculated formal and aesthetic impact, with a risky sequence plan of 40 minutes, plays with referents such as the Tarkovsky cinema, Billy Wilder's bane and Chagall's dream painting.
Cannes Festival Award, 2018: Un Certain Regard.

«Or burning (2019)» 21 novembre | 21.30 h | Regio Cinema
Direction: Oliver Laxe · Galícia · 89 '· Drama · VOSE (Spanish and Galician with Spanish subtitles)
With only three films, Oliver Laxe, well known in Cannes, where he has been awarded all three times, has become one of the voices with more personality in Spanish cinema.
Laxe, who already captivated us with Mimosas, returns to the scene with a transparent melodrama, the personal portrait of the agonizing disappearance of a rural civilization and a way of life. Between the anthropological record and the poetic note, between nature and metaphysics Laxe, by the hand of Mauro Herce's refined photograph, it makes the detail a documentary reality, a suggestive minimal cinema like few others.
Cannes Film Festival, 2019: Un Certain Regard. Jury Prize and IX San Sebastián-Gipuzkoa Film Commission Award.

«Parasite» (2019) December 12 | 21.30 h | Regio cinema
Direction: Bong Joon-ho · South Korea · 132 '· Black comedy. Social drama · VOSE (Korean with Spanish subtitles)
Few movies have awakened so much expectation lately as this wild tale to the Korean, this dramatic social comedy permeated with the best Chabrol. Bong Joon-ho, author of one of the most successful Korean neo-noirs of recent years, Memories of murder, and the brilliant Mother, succeeds in his best film acidically radiographing a bankrupt family institution, from satire, cartoon and the wild ax in a monstrous social parable.
Palme d'Or for the Best Film of the Cannes Film Festival 2019.

«Climax» (2018) January 23 | 21.30 h | Regio cinema
Direction: Gaspar Noé · France · 95 '· Drama · VOSE (French with Spanish subtitles)
Noah is one of the terrible enfant of French cinema, for its narrative, excessive and provocative thematic risks and marked by pieces such as Meat, irreversible and the brilliant psychedelic melodrama Enter the Void. These excesses, the inimitable rhythm and the subtly wild trance atmosphere made with talent and superficial but fulminating aesthetic muscle make Climax a first-rate visual experience, on a hedonistic and choreographed journey.
Best Film Award of the Sitges 2018 Festival.

«Children of the Sea» (2019) February 6 | 21.30 h | Regio cinema
Address: Agumu Watanabe · Japan · 110 '· Animation · Fantastic. VOSE (Japanese with Spanish subtitles)
The surreal and detailed universe of one of the most respected and referents of the fantastic mangakas, Daisuke Igarashi, has finally been transferred to the cinema, eight years after closing the homonymous manga and by the hand of Studio 4C and Ayumu Watanabe, in a feature film risky, experimental and incredibly true to the original. Children of the Sea, impregnated with an underwater existentialist romanticism and with a brilliant visual invoice, is one of the strong bets of the 2019 anime.

«The lighthouse» (2019) February 20 | 21.30 h | Regio cinema
Address: Robert Eggers · USA · 110 '· Terror. Fantastic · VOSE (English with Spanish subtitles)
The new and highly anticipated work of Eggers, master of psychological terror and disturbing crescendos and who already surprised us with his opera cousin, The Witch (2015), is a real odyssey at the bottom of madness. Marked by a careful staging heiress of German expressionism and with the intense duel of electric interpretations between Willem Dafoe and Pattinson, The Lighthouse becomes a disturbing study on the limits of human nature and a vibrant exercise of characters, in a framework hostile and almost apocalyptic.
FIPRESCI Award - Directors' Fortnight | Cannes Film Festival, 2019.

«Ema» (2019) March 5 | 21.30 h | Regio cinema
Direction: Pablo Larraín · Chile · 102 '· Drama · VO (Spanish)
The author of El club, Neruda or Jackie confirms the best sensations with which, surely, is his most daring and experimental film. With Ema, the Chilean director once again enters the darkest face of human nature, on an existential journey marked by the uprising of traditional family and sexual codes to the rhythm of convulsive and reggaeton choreography. Under the colorful light of Valparaiso, without moralism and emotion, Larraín strives to portray the painful path of self-affirmation, of light and fire, of an Ema that breaks with everything.

«The Wild Goose Lake (2019)» March 19 | 21.30 h | Regio cinema
Direction: Diao Yinan · China · 117 '· Drama. Thriller · VOSE (Chinese with Spanish subtitles)
Diao Yinan, who had already captivated us with Black Coal, winner of the Golden Bear of the Berlinale of 2014, returns to the noir of careful photography and staging with The wild goose lake. The film, representative of what has come to be called the Chinese cinema of the sixth generation, is a flight sacrificed through the night, a night, in a contemporary China threatening neons and reflections.

«Monkeys» (2019) April 2 | 21.30 h | Regio cinema
Direction: Alejandro Landes · Colombia · 102 '· Drama. VO (Spanish)
Landes' last film, after eight years of silence, is a bold and provocative incursion into the genre of adventure, terror and drama, raised without compromise. Monkeys is an uncomfortable and different look at the violence of a civil war that marked and continues to mark the recent history of Colombia, represented by eight guerrilla children. The almost symbolic nature and its law, the exercise of power and the echoes of The Lord of the Flies and The Savages of Fadel mark the Colombian candidate for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.
Special Jury Prize of the 2019 Sundance Festival.


Event Information

Zinètic Cinema

Location: Cinema Regio

Date: From Thursday 7 November 2019 to Thursday 2 April 2020

Schedule: 21: 30 hours

Address: Barcelona 5 Street, San Antonio, Ibiza

Entry price: 5 euros

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