Thursday of Pintxos for Ibiza

Every Thursday do not miss the fantastic route of Pintxos for Ibiza that you can do in the downtown bars. Good prices and a great atmosphere

The winter thursday the center of Ibiza city is full of people, and is that various bars of the area offer delicious pintxos so you can make with your friends an authentic Pintxos route through Ibiza, in which you can taste the most exquisite bites at minimum prices. He general time is from 20 to 23.30 hours, although if you go hungry we recommend you to get there in the first hour because people are sweeping everything ... Yes, the atmosphere is more than guaranteed!!

Thursdays in Bakio Ibiza You will find its bar full of tasty pintxos and the place full of people wanting to have a great time and share a pleasant night.

ibiza barium

En Bocanada Ibiza They have also signed up for pintxos on Thursdays and at your bar you will find a wide assortment. There is no lack of classics or the most novel combinations.

The bar Pintxos Ibiza, located in the Pasaje de Bartolomeu Escandell (between Vía Púnica and Avenida de España), offers weekly «Social Thursdays»: pintxos, fifths and shots to 1 euro.


How not to cite one of the first to start offering these miniature snacks In Ibiza? El Zaguan, on Avenida Bartomeu Rosselló, that of the shops. Cold, hot, meat, vegetables, fish, for foodies o for children They are of all kinds! As soon as you see your showcases full of options your mouth will water.


In the tavern The Bodegueros, in the street Miquel Cayetà Soler 9, you can go any day to do the afterwork. Between the 19 and 21 hours You can ask pintxo + cane or wine for 2 euros. They call him «La Mari-Pintxo», A temptation for every day! And do not miss either the Mari-Pintxo Sunday.

The winemakers ibiza pinchos

In addition, you can also find tasty pintxos in the Mar a Vila restaurant, on Ignacio Wallis 16 Avenue. Surprising combinations of flavors and an immense variety of creations await you daily in its pretty bar.


And we can not forget the Bidebide restaurant, in Felipe II Street, 13. As a good San Sebastian tavern can not miss a bar full of pintxos.

Bidebide Ibiza restaurant pinchos in Ibiza 00

Do not stay with the desire! This Thursday (or any other day) we see ourselves from Pintxos for Ibiza!!!

Thursday of Pintxos for Ibiza
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Event Information


Location: Ibiza

Date: From Thursday 4 From January From 2018 until Thursday 27 From December From 2018

Schedule: In general from 20 to 23: 30 hours

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