Shapes in the Light, exhibition by Robin Easterby at Atzaró Ibiza

Agroturismo Atzaró Ibiza presents «Shapes in the Light», an exhibition of paintings by Robin Easterby that you can visit from the 9 to the 15 of July 2019

The beautiful agrotourism Atzaró Ibiza hosts the exhibition «Shapes in the Light», a compilation of paintings by the English artist Robin Easterby.

Despite his innate creativity, Robin Easterby He took a brush for the first time at the 30 years, but since then he has not stopped moving within the pictorial world. His works focus on portraying scenery Inspired at first by the impressionists. Robin evokes a world to a real and unreal time that coaxes the imagination.

Working in wood, canvas or board, his paintings range from the scale of the Gothic mountains and the romantic turbulent skies, to the less noticeable rocks and vegetation, but which are alive with the fractured light. Robin intends to capture the meaning of the place and invites you to enter and spend time to reflect, breathe and think.

The exhibition opens on 9 July 2019 Tuesday at 20 hours in the pleasant facilities of Atzaró, with music, drinks, magic and good company.

Do not forget that you will be alone until the 15 July 2019 Monday.

Event Information

Shapes in the Light, exhibition by Robin Easterby

Location: Atzaró Ibiza

Date: From Tuesday 9 Of Julio Of 2019 until Monday 15 Of Julio Of 2019

Address: Highway San Juan km 15 (and then follow signs), Ibiza

Phone: +34 971 338 838

Entry price: Entrada libre

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