FCMI: Cultural Festival of Mexico in Ibiza in the beautiful Atzaró Ibiza

Atzaró Ibiza hosts the celebration of FCMI, Cultural Festival of Mexico in Ibiza, from 27 to 30 in September 2019, with gastronomy, cinema, design, workshops ..

Agrotourism Atzaró Ibiza It is the beautiful setting chosen for the celebration of FCMI, Cultural Festival of Mexico in Ibiza. Three days of meeting and creativity to enjoy in Ibiza the best of the rich culture and Mexican traditions.

This is an interesting project in which artists, producers, organizations and governments participate and that is a round trip festivalWell, it will be celebrated every year in September in Ibiza and in March in various Mexican cities, the headquarters in 2020 it will be Oaxaca.

An enriching and stimulating proposal that takes place from 27 of the septiembre 30 of 2019 and with which you can enjoy Gastronomic tastings, film screenings, mezcal masterclass, artisan and contemporary design, courses, music, round tables, workshops...

In the gastronomic section, four great Mexican chefs representing the four cardinal points of the country will be present: Jair Téllez (Laja, Merotoro) from the north, Fermin Both (Tata Mezcalería) in the west, Pedro Abascal (Cousin) in the east and Oscar Carrizosa (Crespo House) by the south.

In addition, thanks to the contribution of the Mexican government, films will be screened both at Atzaró and at the Teatro España in Santa Eulalia. You can watch tapes like “Post Tenebras Lux”, by Carlos Reygadas, Best Director Award at the Cannes and Venice festivals, or "The Freedom of the Devil", by Everado González, who went through the Berlin Festival.

The brothers Jesus and Omar Espina will offer courses, masterclass and workshops dedicated to delicious and heady mezcal, a fundamental element in Mexican culture.

Designers such as Carmen Rión, Mexico is in fashion or Mxop Ibiza Collection will also be present in the contest. In addition, there will be various conferences and round tables on Mexican cuisine, cinema and culture.

El 27 Friday of September of 2019 There will be Gala Dinner en Atzaró Ibiza which will be attended by political representatives, press and guests. There will be a special menu prepared by the four chefs mentioned above, representing the four cardinal points of Mexico.

Regarding the program of activities, all of the most interesting, the organizers propose a series of experiences that you can check and book on your website.


A great plan that brings us closer to the rich culture of this amazing country.

Further information: www.fcmimexiterraneo.com

Event Information

FMCI: Cultural Festival of Mexico in Ibiza

Location: Atzaró Ibiza

Date: From Friday 27 September 2019 to Monday 30 September 2019

Address: Highway San Juan km 15 (and then follow signs), Ibiza

Phone: +34 971 338 838

Entry price: Entrada libre

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