51 restaurants participate in the Ibiza Gastronomic Days Autumn Flavor 2019


Gastronomic Days of Autumn Ibiza Taste: 51 restaurants on the island offer you special menus from 31 from October to 5 from December 2019

One of the most desirable appointments of autumn arrives on the island: Gastronomic Days of Autumn Ibiza 2019 flavor. A culinary event of the highest level that meets your XIII edition offering food lovers (and good things in general) the perfect opportunity to try at a very affordable price the best of Ibizan gastronomy.

And it is that the cuisine of the island has products of ancient history, unique culinary traditions and unique and delicious dishes, and the use of local and km products 0. The conference also offers as an additional tourist attraction a series of routes to learn more about the Ibizan gastronomic tradition.

Thus, one of the most anticipated events will be the III Route of the Oleoturismo of Ibiza On Saturday, November 9 from 2019. Attendees can taste fresh oils with Protected Geographical Indication in the San Juan oil mill and also understand the importance of olive cultivation and oil production on the island. All this with the explanations of the archeologist Glenda Graziani, which has found that in the third century BC there were already important farms in Ibiza that produced between 30.000 and 60.000 liters of oil. Another very interesting event will be the XIV Festa de s'Oli in Es Trull de Can Pep de Sa Plana (Buscastell).

On this occasion they participate in the contest 51 restaurants across the island, they offer you menus 25 euros and a selection of tapas at 7 euros, Which includes a glass of wine from local wineries. In addition, this year also includes a Ibiza oils tasting on the table, in this year that, for the first time, four brands are packing their products under the name "Oil of Ibiza". And of course the menus are accompanied by local wines and native spirits.

As always, the central idea is to value the local product and the most authentic Ibizan recipes.

But in addition to the route discussed above, they are celebrated various gastro-events Free, such as cooking workshops, talks ... You can check them here:


Do not miss this autumn full of flavor. Here we leave all the information:

Complete Program Ibiza Flavor Autumn 2019

In addition, you can check in: www.ibizasabor.es

Event Information

Ibiza Autumn Flavor 2019

Location: All the island

Date: From Thursday 31 October 2019 to Thursday 5 December 2019

Address: Consult program

Entry price: Menus to 25 euros. Tapas at 7 euros (with glass of wine)

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