A night of fun and glamor at the Ibiza Casino

Do you want to live an unforgettable evening full of emotion, magic, fun and glamor? Visit the Ibiza Casino, open every night, and try your luck!

That the nights of Ibiza have a special magic is something that you undoubtedly know. Endless nights and full of parties, music and appetizing plans, but, what if you try something different and live a evening full of fun, glamor and excitement in the most exclusive atmosphere? We propose to approach you to know the Casino de Ibiza and enjoy a night you will not forget.

El Casino de Ibiza, the only one that exists on the island, is located in the Ibiza Gran Hotel, in the area of ​​Marina Ibiza, one of the most luxurious of Ibiza, and is very close to places as emblematic as Pacha Ibiza, Heart Ibiza or the cabaret restaurant Mess. Of course, you do not have to stay at the hotel to enter the Casino, even if you are a guest you will not have to pay entrance, yes, in any case it is essential to take a identification document (ID card or passport).

It is worth remembering that to enter the Casino you must take care of your appearance a little. Nobody says that you have to wear long evening dress or tuxedo as if you were part of the casting of "Ocean's Eleven", but it does agree avoid overly informal attire y certainly a dirty or sloppy appearance can prevent you from entering. Nor is it allowed to enter, of course, the children of 18 years, or to those who are under the effects of alcohol or stimulants.

Upon entering you will be surprised by works of art by international artists and a very special atmosphere created by the architect and interior designer Patricia Urquiola, who has been able to combine the maximum luxury with comfort to create a unique and exclusive space where you can enjoy all the excitement of games like American Roulette, Black Jack, Poker without discard or Texas Hold'em Poker, from which periodic tournaments are organized. There is until 60 machine types and over 100 different games!

Before trying your luck, you can entertain yourself by observing with education the players of the different games, always keep in mind that it is not allowed to record or take photos and, if you decide to participate and try your luck, you will have to keep off or mute your mobile phone at the game table. It is a matter of education, respect and knowing how to enjoy the moment and not break the emotion of the game.

In your visit to the Casino you can not fail to try your exquisite gastronomic offer in the three bars and the lounge that have. Delicious sushis, ceviches, sandwiches, pizza, gyozas, croquetas of ham and, of course, those original cocktails with vanilla and curry with ice cubes carved in cardboard shape, just incredible! Although you can also take advantage to approach after the game to enjoy an incredible dinner in the restaurant La Gaia of the Ibiza Gran Hotel and know your exceptional japeruvian cuisine, kitchen of the highest level.

And if you are a regular gambler and want to bet stronger in an intimate environment, there is also a private room or the option to request a exclusive table.

As you can see, the Casino of Ibiza offers you the opportunity to live a original evening and full of luxury, fun, pleasure and excitement. Now we only have wish you good luck in the game ... Make your bets, gentlemen!

Event Information

Visit the Ibiza Casino

Location: Casino de Ibiza

Date: From Monday 23 April 2018 to Sunday 23 December 2018

Schedule: Open every night from 18 to 6 hours

Address: Paseo Juan Carlos I 17, 07800, Ibiza

Phone: +34 971 313 312

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