Pintxa Sant Antoni: Every Thursday San Antonio is once again filled with flavor

Pintxa Sant Antoni celebrates its 11 edition, enjoys every Thursday the 14 from March to the 18 of April 2019 of delicious tapas and pinchos at a very affordable price

If your thing is to enjoy the rich things in life and go out to enjoy a great atmosphere, you can not miss the gastronomic contest Pintxa Sant Antoni, who returns to celebrate his Edition 11 and fill the town of San Antonio with fun and delicious snacks.

To 29 establishments participate in this year's edition, which is celebrated as usual every Thursday, from the 14 from March to the 18 from April of 2019.

The whole town of San Antonio becomes an exceptional tapas and pinchos route at a very affordable price. Like other years, you can take a skewer accompanied by drink by 2'50 euros or a top with drink by 4 euros, while you enjoy the great atmosphere that is created throughout the town. And attention, because there are also sweet, vegan and vegetarian options.

Y si eres un sibarita, tienes que saber que vuelven también este año los tentadores «caprinchos«, elaboraciones más complejas que este año tienen un carácter más cosmopolita y que cuestan between 3 and 8 euros.

He also repeats the fun free mini train which takes you on a route through the participating bars, ideal if you are a bit lazy and do not feel like walking, you can take it between 20 and 22: 30 hours.

You can enjoy Pintxa Sant Antoni both midday as for the Late night. Mira bien el folleto que te dejamos para ver cuáles son los locales participantes, cuándo ofrecen sus tapas y pinchos, qué opciones tienen, cuál es su «caprincho» de este año, etc.

Complete program of the Pintxa Sant Antoni 2019

See you in the bars ... in San Antonio!

Event Information

Pintxa Sant Antoni

Location: San Antonio

Date: From Thursday 14 March From 2019 to Thursday 18 April From 2019

Schedule: Noon and night

Entry price: Pincho + wine or cane: 2,50 euros. Cover + wine or cane: 4,50 euros

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