Chat and tasting of red potato and lobster from Ibiza in Club Diario de Ibiza


The Consell de Ibiza organizes an exceptional gastronomic event on Thursday 30 of May 2019 in the Club Diario de Ibiza on the Ibizan potato and lobster

El Consell de Ibiza organizes an exceptional culinary event entitled «The red potato of Ibiza and the stewed lobster of Hispania restaurant: a star ingredient for a star dish».

The appointment is 30 May 2019 Thursday from the 19: 30 hours at Ibiza Daily Club.

In the act intervene Raimon Braun, chef of the Hispania Restaurant (Arenys de Mar), the organic producer Raimon Torresand Vicent Tur, Insular Director of Agriculture of the Consell de Ibiza, who will present the act.

This interesting event is organized coinciding with the date of the harvest of the new potato from Ibiza, one of the most prized products of the garden.

The restaurant Hispania de Arenys de Mar is a classic of Catalan cuisine whose star dish is the lobster stewed with potatoes. The history of the dish has a lot to do with Ibiza and its red potato, as it arises from the friendship between sisters Paquita and Lolita Reixach, current owners of the restaurant (founded by their parents) and the Ibizan couple Salvador Tur and his wife Isabel Vilas.

In the act of this Thursday will be Raimon Braun, son of Paquita Reixach and chef of the restaurant, who will present a video starring the Reixach sisters where this recipe is shown. There will also be potato producers and the photojournalist Joana Biarnés, known in Ibiza for her restaurant Cana Joana, will be remembered, who promoted the first days dedicated to the red potato of Ibiza.

To end the event you can enjoy a Stewed lobster tasting with potatoes elaborated by Raimon Braun with the collaboration of Pere Tur of the Sa Nansa Restaurant.

Event Information

Chat and tasting of red potato and lobster from Ibiza

Location: Ibiza Daily Club

Date: 30 May 2019 Thursday

Schedule: From 19: 30 hours

Address: Avenida de la Paz s / n, 07800, Ibiza

Entry price: Entrada libre

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