To party in Ibiza in winter

Ibiza is not just discos. Winter partying is also possible and sometimes more fun than any summer night!

The summer comes to an end and it seems that Ibiza is slowly turning off. The parties and clubs that we are known around the world disappear overnight. However, if you think that To party in Ibiza in winter It's boring, you're very wrong.

Forget leaving you budget of the night in two glasses, do endless queues at the door of the nightclubs and dancing cornered and surrounded by fans of electronics or techno.

It's time for those local in which have a nice cocktail or meet people from the island. Choose area, attire and company and enjoy the most intimate nights of the island.

The port of Ibiza

The Marina's narrow streets, the ones closest to Port of IbizaAre full of small bars and pubs Among which you will find Different types of public. In the summer most of them are for tourists (we do not need to give you more details, you will identify them instantly). However, all these premises close in winter And only those that are oriented to the Resident public.

DeMiedo Ibiza

If you wander a little you'll find some where the environment it will work out something else “familiar”. People on the island or in summer Spanish tourists that occupy the terraces or bars of pubs in which the rock music directs the movements of those present.

Does it sound like Scary? Get to know him! Rock of good and alternative music. Reggaeton is forbidden here!

Something further is Yokubo Club, in Figueretas. In addition to being an Asian restaurant, weekends organize great shows with different types of music.

Felipe II Flights

In the low of these streets are concentrated several Very different musical styles Between them, as well as People of all kinds. There are at least four different locations where Spanish, Latin music and even alternative mark the hours of the night. In them you can take some drinks at «prices popular ».

El environment it's something more Juvenile than the rest of the zones, although there is also an interesting mix of ages.

Malanga Café It is the temple of funk, hip-hop, soul, reggae and black music in general. In The salt you will enjoy the latest hits of pop, rock and reggaeton more current.

A little farther from the passage, specifically in Vicente Serra and Orvay streets, there is a option for the daring: BDSM Art & Fetish. A room in which, in addition to have a few drinks, you can attend bondage shows, shibari, sadomasochism ...

Park Square

In India there is Plaza of the park of Ibiza it is impossible not to run into someone you know. Hundreds of residents mingle in summer with tourists filling the terraces of the dozens of bars and restaurants They are concentrated in the beautiful square. In winter, the Ibicencos take over and start the night here. While it is true that they are not places where people go dancing, it is the ideal place to carry out the pre-party and take a good cocktail Or a glass in the company of Faces that, at least, will be familiar.


You may have heard about the mythical Pereyra Theater, one of the most popular and beloved venues in Ibiza. It was a few meters from the square and, unfortunately for many, disappeared after more than 30 years filling the island with live music. Today, its activity continues in Ibiza Theater, located in the basement of the Hotel El Puerto.

Marina Botafoch

Botafoch It has become the area for go out partying in Ibiza by excellence. You have clubs like OD Ocean Drive, at the end of the promenade. Here they happen throughout the year exhibitions, events of fashion, parties as 'Hello Sundays!', brunchs or afterworks like the popular 'Burger Meets Gin'. The perfect place for the pre-party!

stk ibiza

El Vacation Specials It is also an ideal place to have the first drinks of the night and begin to set the mood with their DJs.

Also in this area, the 107 Club is a mini-disc of electronic music where the powerful sound is prime. In short, a very authentic underground gambling den, so much that it only opens in winter.

to leave the winter party ibiza-

A little further, the B12 Gallery It also has a innovative nightclub that combines the most avant-garde electronics in an environment steeped in art. It presents events on most Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and, occasionally, also on Sundays. Different parties, different styles and a varied audience, although all have in common the special combination of art and music.

go out for the winter party ibiza b12

And more or less in the middle of the Paseo Marítimo you will run into Keeper A place with years of experience in which music varies according to the day. Salsa, bachata, reggaeton ...

San Antonio

Several pubs San Antonio, one of the areas with more atmosphere of the island, are oriented to residents y they do not close in winter. In them you will find Spanish, latin, pop, rock music... the options are multiple. The cups will not make a hole in your pocket and the proximity of a bar to another will make you not lose even an instant of the night.

5 sea, the old restaurant Reunion, It is one of the best known. Usually, Fridays schedule their party 'Familia Salsera', in which the Latin rhythms are dancing tirelessly. On Saturdays they usually open their '80' party and on Sundays the flamenco takes over every corner of the place. At the end of this street, on the corner, you will see the Casanova pub, where reggaeton is the boss.

If your musical tastes pull towards the Rock, pop or indie the Columbus Bar, a few meters from the rest, is your place.

Santa Eulalia

The town of the River is not alien to the party either. If you've planned to let your hair down this weekend, you can start Taking something from you in the restaurant Estel, located in full Promenade. If yours is the beer, go for the Brewery Quintana, On Calle San Vicente, and if you prefer a drink and some music the restaurant XTu, in the street San Jaime, is what you are looking for.

Guarana Ibiza

If you intend to hit some dances you should go to the Marina area. There you can choose from several pubs offering various musical styles. One of them is Guaraná Ibiza in which, if you are lucky, you can even attend performances of live music.

Very close you will see + Ke2 where you will find yourself, above all, with Residents willing to have fun until 3.30 in the morning.

You no longer have an excuse to stay a Saturday at home! Going partying on Ibiza in the winter is pure fun.

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