Hierbas ibicencas, the elixir of Ibiza

Initially made to be used as a digestive, the Hierbas Ibicencas has become one of the fashionable drinks of Ibiza

In Ibiza there is something that can not be missing in your dessert good Ibicencan herb glass. This aniseed liqueur consists of a selection of species of island flora (up to different 28) among which stand out thyme, rosemary, rue or fennel. Despite having one 24% minimum and 38% vol minimum, it is considered a digestive. However, watch out for drinks because they will rise to your head quickly.

There are several family businesses in Ibiza who have been responsible for its elaboration for hundreds of years, for example, Aniseta liquors. Recipes full of affection for a tradition that goes from generation to generation.

Many restaurants and private homes prepare their own herbs, providing different nuances that you can discover yourself.

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The Ibizan herbs of Aniseta Liqueur are some of the most appreciated in Ibiza

Ibizan herbs have become popular over time. Today, it is one of the most original memories trans a stay in Ibiza. Also, the way to consume them has also evolved. In general, they used to be served in a glass, without any mysteries. You can currently find a wide variety of cocktails whose base is this drink as, for example, the Mojito Payés.

In addition to this combination of herbs, we can also find other types of liquors typical of the island such as the stick or the rumaniseta. The first is a black liquor made from cinchona and sugar and, unlike most, is usually taken before eating. The second is made with rosemary.

We could continue talking about these flavored drinks to the more rural Ibiza, but is there a better way to know them than to taste them? You can do it order them in a glass with ice and taste them in front of a beautiful sunset background. Without a doubt an 100% ibicenco moment.

Ibiza herb brands

-Ibebas Ibizan Aniseta. One of the most popular homemade Ibizan herb recipes on the island is the one made at Liqueurs Aniseta, a factory founded by brothers Vicente and Juan Ferrer Roig at 1925.

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-Herbes Can Vidal, San Juan. Ibizan tradition since the year 1928. The recipe of Vicente Torres Torres with his personal touch lasts today. Some of the herbs they use gather them in their own garden.

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-Waste Can Rich. In addition to magnificent wines and oils, they produce their own Ibizan herbs with a recipe that they take care of with care.


-Herbas ibicencas Marí Mayans. Founded in 1880 by Juan Marí Mayans, they are one of the most exported, both nationally and internationally. Speaking about the history of liquors in the Balearic Islands without mentioning the Marí Mayans family is unthinkable.

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