Why Ibiza? The best destination for your holidays

Discover why Ibiza is the favorite holiday destination for thousands of people every summer

It may be objectionable that the ibicencos tell you why Ibiza is the ideal destination for your next vacation But, be realistic, who better than us know what is worth or not worth? We do not have a reputation for selfishness, so we want to share with you the real Ibiza, the one that catches you and makes you feel special from the moment you step on it. Playas-Ibiza

For many years Ibiza has been One of the most requested tourist destinations both nationally and internationally And it is not by chance. This small island in the Mediterranean has the perfect combination between leisure and relaxation, offering a wide range of options for all types of visitors, who seek in it their particular Ibiza: the Ibiza of luxury, hippie, party and spiritual Ibiza, shameless and romantic Ibiza, colleagues and family. All have a place in these 571 km² of surface who would say it?

If you have any questions, here are some signs of why Ibiza is the best destination for your vacation.

1.More than 52 coves and beaches

The 210 kilometers of coast of Ibiza translate into more than 52 beaches and coves (to which add many others that do not appear in the guides and that very few know). Most of them have nothing to envy to the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean. There are fine sand, rocks, cliffs, family, quiet, with the best beach clubs and restaurants ... Of course there is a choice.
Furthermore, the Average temperature in Ibiza is 17,9 ° C. The island reaches 2.732 hours of sunshine per year and the water temperature is not too cold.


2.Eivissa, a World Heritage Site

El walled enclosure of Dalt Vila, in the city of Ibiza, it was declared in 1999 World Heritage Site by UNESCO to be One of the best preserved in the world. It is probably the most emblematic image of the island, the one that everyone knows, presided by the Cathedral of Santa María de las Nieves.Dalt-Vila ibiza
Lose yourself in its narrow streets and feel how you go back in time as if by magic. Stand on some of your many restaurants to eat, take a walk around your stores and craft stalls, take something in their peculiar bars, visit one of their museums or, directly, stay in some hotel of the area. The views from the rooms will be the perfect reminder of your stay in Ibiza.

3 Natural Parks

Ibiza also has several spots with the classification of Natural heritage. Their marine barriers of posidonia (so that we understand each other, we will let you call it algae, although it would not be the exact definition) they are strictly protected by the great role they play in our ecosystem. Hence the water transparency, that I like so much At 2006, a Posidonia plant of about 8 kilometers long and about 100.000 years old was discovered between Ibiza and Formentera, which made it one of the largest and longest living organisms in the world.Natural Park-Salinas-Ibiza

As for natural parks, Ibiza has two: that of Salines and the nature reserve Es Vedra, Es Vedranell and the west islets. In the first there is a very varied and rich ecosystem in which we can find the ponds of the salinas, the beaches, the dune system or species such as the peregrine falcon.

For its part, in the second the protection rises to islets, cliffs, fields, forests or beaches.

4 Hippie Culture

Ibiza is traditionally land of freedom and mixture of cultures since the year 70, with the arrival of the first hippies to the island, it became an exponent of coexistence between hippie culture, tourists arriving from northern europe and the residents with much more conservative traditions.St. John's Market 2016 - 8
Although there is not much left of that hippie life, you can still find little ones vestiges in many of its people, coves and Markets that will make you travel to other times.

5.Relax mind and body

There are many who choose Ibiza to take advantage of their holidays by ryoga, pilates and many other alternative therapies. Precisely one of the legacies left by the hippies was to learn to love and take care of that more spiritual Ibiza.
Relax-IbizaThey themselves, after traveling all over the world, have chosen Ibiza to retire because they assure that it is A place with a special aura from which it is impossible to get rid of and here they have taken advantage of the moment to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

6.The best parties in the world

As we have already said, in addition to being a perfect place for disconnection, Ibiza is undoubtedly the world capital of electronic music and has some of the best clubs in the world. World-renowned brands that attract their faithful as authentic temples of devotion: Pacha, Amnesia y Ushuaia they are common in the lists of best clubs in the world. Clubs that every summer present a program of great daily parties that make it very difficult to choose. Great parties with great Djs that fix your summer residence in Ibiza Do you sound David Guetta, Avicii, Solomun, Marco Carola or Carl Cox? Whatever your style is sure to find that party you will never forget.

Ushuaia ibiza

7 Mediterranean cuisine

La ibizan gastronomy It is one of the most of the Mediterranean. Being surrounded by the sea, the quality of the fish that is served in the hundreds of restaurants that fill Ibiza is enviable. On the island, it is not necessary to look for the most luxurious restaurant to eat well, but any beach bar can prepare the best paellas or typical dishes.BullitdepeixIbiza

If anyone knows the cuisine, it is the peasants, who among their famous dishes invented the Bullit of peix, the Sofrit pagès or the Rice of killings.

Their desserts are not wasted either. The flaó, the greixonera or orelletes are a delight that, if you accompany with a glass of Ibizan herbs you will know the glory. A mouthwatering delicacies that surely you will appreciate.

8.Sport and more sport

If the sport it's your thing Ibiza is your destination. Routes by bike, water sports, hiking or climbing, are just some sports offers offered by the island. Ibiza is also home to some high level sports events and Return to Ibiza on a mountain bike or the Ibiza Trail Maraton among others, to which participants come from all parts of the world.Diving Ibiza

And if you like the scuba diving, the quality of the waters in Ibiza and the wealth of its funds will be a gift for you. There are a good number of diving schools where they will instruct you in this art and show you treasures that you have not seen in other places. Sunken ships like Don Pedro, caves, immense posidonia meadows... the number of corners to discover is uncountable.

9.Mythical sunsets

Enjoy of the Mythical Ibizan sunset from anywhere: over the sea, behind beautiful islets, over beautiful bays full of boats... In Ibiza the colors of the sunset are admirable. You'll never get tired of To watch a sunset as each and every one of them has a unique magic.Sunset-Ibiza

El walk of ses Variades, in San Antonio, it is one of the most famous places in Ibiza at the time of seeing the sun go down. In it, the bars and terraces more known worldwide.


How to forget about Formentera, the other great paradise of the Mediterranean and that is only half an hour by ferry. Famous for its pristine coves and turquoise waters is the perfect destination to get lost.Formentera
Book one of your vacation days to escape and get to know its tiny villages, its steep cliffs with infinity views, the most beautiful lighthouses and the beaches of this island You will love it!

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