Ibiza in couple. The perfect destination for lovers

Idyllic sunsets, horseback riding, incredible agrotourisms, activities for couples ... Ibiza is one of those places that know best between two

It is well known that Ibiza is the ideal destination for groups of friends Who want to live the frenzy of their nights and the exclusivity of some of the best clubs in the world. After this statement, it may be strange that it is also a good place to disconnect with the family, but that's how it is. The island has a large number of services and activities dedicated to the children of the house.

As if that were not enough, in Ibiza there is a certain romantic air that turns it into a temptation For couples. To fall in love here is easy, just as it is to re-fall in love with that person with whom you share your days. Do you want to check it out?

Surprising your partner with a trip to Ibiza or planning that trip together is something you will not regret. There are countless areas, accommodations and restaurants destined to fall in love, as well as a host of activities that will awaken your most passionate and fun side. Here are a few tips to  Live Ibiza in couple:

    1. There is nothing more romantic than a long Stroll through Dalt Vila. Walking hand in hand its beautiful streets is a pleasure. Prepare to pose as authentic models in their viewpoints, facades with old colored doors or stone walls dotted with the color of bougainvillea. From here you can get many of those photos that will make up one of your most special albums.
    2. La Ibizan nature Is another of its strengths. Explore magical enclaves as Es Vedra or the doors of heaven Will make the complicity among you multiply easily. By the way, in both places you will find good restaurants where you can eat or dine in the most romantic surroundings as The Gates of Heaven, El Carmen, It's Boldadó o Restaurant Cala d'Hort.
    3. Obviously, Sunsets in Ibiza. To contemplate how the sun hides on the sea leaving in the sky a fascinating color trail is indispensable. Curl it a little and look for those places where the sunsets Are more intimate. Take advantage to bring two glasses and toast at the right time never hurts.
    4. If you share a penchant for animals, a Ride the Horse It can be a wonderful experience. There are different companies on the island that organize them and it's a fantastic way to discover the Ibizan countryside and coastline. A movie option!
    5. Stay in a agrotourism Is something you can not stop doing if you want to raise the level of romanticism to the extreme. To guard against the cold between the thick walls of a peasant house with chimney or to cool off in the swimming pool surrounded by almond trees, orange trees and an amazing tranquility they fall in love to anyone. Take a look at Atzaró Ibiza, Can Curreu, Sa Talaia o Can Fuster And you will immediately understand what we are referring to. If the field is not your thing there are also thousands of options for you!La Torre del Canónigo, Vacation Specials o La Ventana Surely you will love them!
    6. The time of the Meal or dinner It can also be a special moment whenever you choose the Suitable restaurant and in Ibiza there are many. Can Berri Vell, Surrounded by the charm of the town of San Agustín; Amante Ibiza, on a cliff with incredible views of the sea, the story garden of My way o Sa Capella, A majestic 16th century chapel, are just some of the most appreciated by the great conquerors and conquerors.
    7. Relax in one of the many spas that exist in Ibiza It is almost an obligation. Stretch a little and enjoy magnificent massages for two, saunas and water circuits. The number one option for lovers is usually the spa at the famous Hacienda Na Xamena hotel. A series of waterfalls suspended on a cliff with views of the sea and the mountain that will be engraved on your retina for life. The Spa of Atzaró Ibiza, Zentropia by Palladium Hotel Group u Open Spa de Ibiza Gran Hotel They also have spectacular facilities.
    8. El outdoor cinema it is another of the romantic options that fascinate us the most. You can find sessions in such unique places as Dalt Vila, on the beach of Cala Llonga, in the beautiful restaurant Amante Ibiza or in Hotel Santos Ibiza Suites.
    9. A Excursion to Formentera It is not wasteful either. Rent a motorcycle and tour the island from end to end. You will discover imposing lighthouses, paradisiacal beaches and the essence of a place that still conserves intact the majority of its cultural and natural assets.
    10. It may, a priori, balloon trip Do not you think the most romantic idea in the world but think about it. Imagine flying over the sky in the evening and contemplating bird's eye view of the Ibizan coastline and its contrast with the green pine forests. What do you think now?

Get in touch with the nature, freedom and tolerance that breathe in every inch of the island and enjoy a vacation that you will remember throughout your life. Nothing will be the same after knowing some of the most beautiful enclaves of Ibiza and it is clear that so much beauty is better to share it. Many Ibiza travel with couple ends up in wedding You are warned!

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