Cafes with WiFi in Ibiza

Are you one of those who can not live without the internet? Do not suffer, with this list of cafes with WiFi in Ibiza you will not spend a second disconnected

Who does not have WiFi at home or on the phone today? Surely few raise their hand to this question, however, that coffee shops have free connection is still a good claim for some customers.

Most establishments on the island have, but not everyone shares it. However, there are many who make available to their users the name and password of their network as soon as they take a seat.

Here we leave you a list of cafes and restaurants with Wi-Fi in Ibiza in which you can connect your mobile phone, tablet or computer without problem:

-Chill coffee, In ibiza. A cafeteria restaurant where healthy eating, at prices without competition and connected to the network.

Cafeterias with wifi Ibiza00

-Croissant Show, Ibiza. One of the most mythical cafes in Ibiza, also with WiFi A sin to not have tried their croissants!

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-Can Llorenç, Saint Joseph. In this well-known establishment they will make you feel at home and, so that you do not miss anything, they also offer you their WiFi for free.

Cafeterias with wifi Ibiza00

-Hunza, San Antonio If you like to eat healthy and rich, Hunza is your place. A cafeteria restaurant where you will feel at home.


-San Francisco Bar, Salinas, San José. Sitting in this beautiful place to drink or eat is never boring. However, if you need extra distraction, they have WiFi.

Cafeterias with wifi Ibiza00

-Can Tixedó Art Cafe, Buscastell, San Antonio. An all-terrain space where you will find delicious dishes, good atmosphere, art and WiFi.


"To Queda, Ibiza You can connect for free to, for example, find that great song that you are listening to live in one of the places most committed to the music of the whole island.


-Forever Ibiza, beach d'en Bossa. Enjoy the sea breeze while surfing the internet and have a refreshing cocktail.

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-Can Kiwi, Ibiza Breakfasts and healthy snacks in the center of Ibiza with WiFi connection.

-Can Jordi Blues Station, Saint Joseph. One of the most complete places in Ibiza! Live music, chess games, exhibitions ... and Wifi!


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