Restaurants with children's area in Ibiza

If you usually eat with the kids outside the house you should take a look at these restaurants with children's area in Ibiza You will be grateful!

Going to eat at a restaurant with the kids is not always a simple task. As is logical, having them sit on a high chair for the entire meal is usually an impossible mission. There are establishments Who are aware of this and, therefore, have decided to dedicate a special space in their facilities. There are With swings, slides and all kinds of games In which the most restless will enjoy to infinity.

If you go to any of these Restaurants with playgrounds in Ibiza It is likely that during the meal the famous “when are we leaving?” disappears. Prepare yourself to be the one who pulls your children to leave the premises!

It is Jardines de Fruitera, Santa Gertrudis. Good attention, exquisite Mediterranean dishes and an area exclusively dedicated to children.


Tanit Beach Ibiza, Playa d'en Bossa. Perfect for both parents and kids. Great sea views and fun children's activities.

Tanit Beach Ibiza Nassau

74 Atelier Ibiza number, Saint Gertrude In addition to a beautiful restaurant for healthy cooking with games for children, this multidisciplinary space organizes fun and enriching workshops for children and adults.


Maca House, Ibiza If eating here is a real pleasure in itself, wait to see your children enjoying their playground!

Cas Costas, Saint Joseph. Specialists in grilled meats and in taking into account children. They have a playground, various toys, paintings ...


Can Xarc, Santa Eulalia. Let the dwarves give it all in the inflatable castle and take advantage to savor their tasty grilled meats.


Gastro-café s'Aroma, Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia. Within the Oasis Sa Tanca apartments You will find s'Aroma, a gastro-café with children's menu and a large park of balls that you will not want to leave.

Aroma_Oasis_Sa_Tanca_Ibiza 00

S'Espartar, Saint Joseph. Your children will have a great time in their park while you taste the best of Ibizan gastronomy.

Espartar Ibiza

Aubergine, Santa Gertrudis. Let the children walk freely through the Aubergine facilities. They will enjoy as much or more than you.

Aubergine Ibiza

Atzaró Beach Es Restaurant, Cala Nova. The purest essence of Atzaró, this time by the sea. It has a complete area for children.

Atzaro Beach Ibiza

The Patisserie Ibiza, Saint Joseph. In addition to an area dedicated to them, from time to time they organize children's activities such as yoga, face painting, crafts ...

La Patisserie Ibiza

Oli, Puig d'en Valls. A simple menu, spectacular views and a large terrace from where to watch the dwarves while they play.


La Paloma, San Lorenzo. A unique place in the middle of nature where your children will enjoy the outdoor swings.

La Paloma Ibiza

Pau Brazil, Santa Gertrudis. You can taste the most popular meat pieces of Brazil and your little ones play in the park. Everyone happy!

Pau Brazil Ibiza

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    Tanit Beach Ibiza, Es Restaurant - Atzaró Beach Cala Nova, Ecocentro Ibiza, Restaurant S 'Espartar, Lamuella Ibiza, Aubergine Ibiza, Can Cires, Pau Brazil Ibiza, Restaurant La Paloma Ibiza, Oli, Cicale Ibiza ...

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    Casa Maca also has a children's area in case you are interested

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