Restaurants with a fireplace in Ibiza

Forget about the cold curling up next to a good fire. Here you have the best restaurants with a fireplace in Ibiza

Okay, summer is great, but winter also has its good things and one of them is to stand next to a good fireplace, is not it? Not all of us have the privilege of having one at home, but for that there are restaurants and cafeterias that do have one of their premises.

No heaters or heaters, where there is a good fire that removes the rest. The chimneys not only warm the atmosphere, but add a more intimate touch and help relaxation.

If you squeeze the cold, do not hesitate a moment and take a seat in one of these restaurants with fireplace in Ibiza. In this case you will have to move away from the center, but we are sure it is worth it.

-Cas Costas, Saint Joseph. A beautiful restaurant with different atmospheres that become even more appetizing when they light the fire.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

"The Gates of Heaven, Santa Inés, San Antonio. In case the views of this spectacular space were not enough, have a great fireplace where you can shelter from the cold forest that surrounds it.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

-Wild Beets, Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia If you are a lover of healthy cooking this is your place! Its modern fireplace will leave you fascinated.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

-Bar Anita (Ca n'Anneta), San Carlos, Santa Eulalia. Emblematic where there are, its fireplace gives a much more familiar atmosphere if it fits.


-Is Pins, San Juan. They say that the humidity in Ibiza gets into the body and prevents you from entering into heat. Try to make it tasting a good dish of slaughter rice by the fireplace of Es Pins Mano de Santo!

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

-Marc's, Jesus, Santa Eulalia. If you want to add a romantic touch to an appointment, you should go to this restaurant of Jesus. Intimacy assured to the heat of your fireplace.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

-Ca's Pagés, Santa Eulalia. Sitting by the fire while eating during a day of low temperatures is possible in Ca's Pagés. Just be quick, because your tables fill up at the speed of light.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

-San Francisco Bar, Saint Joseph. A special place in front of the Church of Sant Francesc that becomes even more welcoming when winter arrives and light the fire.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

-The Naranjo, Santa Eulalia. Being located in the heart of Santa Eulalia does not prevent you from having a beautiful garden or a great fireplace. Ibicencan gastronomy and daily menu at reasonable prices.

El-Naranjo-Ibiza04-1-Bar Costa, Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia. The snacks of this mythical place are known throughout the island and eat them next to some of their fireplaces (yes, they have more than one) is a pleasure.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

-It's Racó Verd, San José. Its terrace is one of the most famous in Ibiza, however, nothing has to envy the interior room when they light the fireplace.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

"It sang, Santa Gertrudis." If you hurry to get there you can take a seat next to the fire and enjoy it while you take a rich tapa.

Restaurants chimney Ibiza

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  1. Veronica Soriano says

    You have forgotten EL NARANJO. We have a fireplace that we still light every night

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