Ses Variades or sunset walk of Ibiza

Ses Variades or walk of the sunset, in Sant Antoni. The most famous place in Ibiza to see the most animated sunsets

The walk of Ses Variades, better known by all as The sunset walk, is a stretch of rocky coast of the Bay of San Antonio. It is located next to the beautiful promenade and is composed of succession of bars and very famous terraces. This area is one of the most famous and therefore visited of the island of Ibiza for being one of the points more accessible to watch the sunset.

Some of these bars and terraces are known for having the presence of World famous dj's, which means that in summer thousands of people concentrate on them to enjoy the spectacle of orange hues to the rhythm of their sessions.

Television cameras, jugglers, street vendors, performances, music and, above all, many, many people. From those who return from the beach with the sand still attached, to those who are ready to start the night. Famous and anonymous, all come en masse to worship the king star before it disappears on the horizon. The whole has become a Show of international prestige Nobody dares to get lost in Ibiza.

The phenomenon of Ses Variades comes from the hand of establishments such as Café del Mar, The pioneer, with the Dj José Padilla in front or the precious Golden Buddha. The first has its own musical label with chill out, lounge, ambient, chill house and balearic beats that reflect the current Ibizan atmosphere. On the other hand, Golden Buddha is one of favorites by residents. A space quiet, decorated with exquisite taste in which, in addition to witnessing a magnificent sunset in Ibiza, You can Eat, dine or have some amazing cocktails.

We recommend that in summer you go with some time to find your place, either in the mentioned bars or directly on the rocks, and enjoy the show. After the sunset, it's worth it to stay a little longer and watch the jugglers and fakirs that usually animate the area.

In winter, the sun goes down much earlier and not all bars of Ses Variades remain open. Golden Buddha is one of those who does and we assure you that it is worth visiting. The colors change and the tranquility It takes over this area, creating a much more intimate and exclusive environment.

Without a doubt, Ses Variades has a endless options when contemplating a sunset in Ibiza. With a simple walk you can discover which of them best suits your tastes. Take it easy and enjoy one of the most precious natural spectacles in the world.

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