Bullit de peix, the taste of Ibiza in a single dish

Leaving Ibiza without sampling the bullit of Peix could well be sacrilege. Whether you like fish or not, this dish will surprise you for good

Whenever we refer to Ibiza we do it to talk about its sunsets, its fiestas, its beaches ... and we forget something fundamental, one of the most typical things that you can do if the visits: Try some of their gastronomic delicacies.
There is a wide variety of dishes, desserts and drinks in Ibiza 100% of the land, but if we have to choose there is a taste that will remain engraved in your memory: That of a good Bullit of peix (Boiled fish in Castilian).

Bullitdepeix Ibiza

It is true that the Bullit It's a dish made For fish lovers, The most genuine flavor of the sea, however, it is possible that although the fish is not your forte this dish does not displease you. It sounds difficult and you're probably wondering why so we're going to tell you. The secret is in the Touch of 'allioli' That owns its sauce, which renhances its flavor, without diminishing the importance of fish But adding a different nuance that causes many to sacrifice their aversion towards this product.

If you've got the idea to try it, do not you ever think of getting yourself a breakfast of champions because It's a pretty strong meal, Since the thing does not end there. The fishermen of Ibiza That elaborated this delicacy in their boats so as not to waste the pieces that, for different reasons could not sell, Boiled potatoes were added to the grouper, the label (Redfish) Or the angler That they used to include in the casserole, among others.

And do not get off the table yet because With fish broth What have you eaten A rice is cooked to the band Which, as the tradition dictates, The diners usually eat the same paella. Leave your scruples aside and move on!
Now, you are free to share your gastronomic criticism about the delicacy that you just took to the stomach in Ibiza. At least we are convinced that you have not tried anything like it before. If you have the possibility of Try it on a beach restaurant Do not miss it. It will be an insurmountable experience.

To finish digesting it We recommend you ask for a good Glass of iberic herbs And savor it slowly.

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